21 Simple and Small Patio Ideas to Be Applied at Your House: Make Yours Now!

green and white patio
Image By CATO Creative Ltd

Discussing the matter of simple patio ideas better I start from the benefits that have to make when you are not confused about the benefits. The benefits of the patio are not just a place to talk, but there are some things you can get from it. Not only the girlfriend is able to provide comfort, the patio can even benefit more from the girlfriend. Hehehe. I’m kidding, lol.

Small Patio Benefits

The benefits of small patio decorating ideas include: adding aesthetic value of spontaneous shock effect (surprise). When you invite friends, girlfriends or family there will be a pleasant surprise when faced directly with the park where most people do not expect to refresh in your closed house.

The next aesthetic value is to give the effect of spatial diversity (spatial diversity). With the patio inside your house, the need for a semi-enclosed space is like an outdoor covered patio roof idea (there is a roof but no walls) and half open (there is a wall but no roof) between the enclosed space (roof and wall).

This creates a comfortable shelter for relaxing, reading a book, or just chatting in an arduously volatile weather. In addition, the aesthetic value of space enlarging (spatial decompression) seemed to give a feeling of relief or apart from the confines of a closed space, especially you provide some plants around it.

small patio deck
Image By replacement design

The benefits of patio not only lie in the aesthetic value alone, but the patio still has other benefits such as inner courtyard which has various benefits. In addition to adding aesthetic value in the house, the patio can you make as a place to absorb the sun into the house so that natural lighting (no lights) is really optimal in the daytime.

So also with the benefits to facilitate the flow of air in the house. The space inside your house should apply either a cross ventilation system or air flowing straight from one side to the other.

Small Patio Flooring
Image By Sarah Greenman

If you make a patio in your house, then this system will be easy to implement and your house will feel healthier automatically thanks to the creation of air flowing smoothly in the house. If your house is not too large, you and the other residents will be susceptible to fatigue and stuffy.

What do you need to prepare to make this patio? Roof, Floor, and Furniture

Fireplace in patio
Image By Godden Sudik Architects Inc

When you start planning to make the patio, some components you need to prepare. In general, the patio is equipped with floors, fireplace, seating, tables, and some ornamental plants when needed. Some of these components are very important in existence, for example providing a seat.

You and the guests will not be possible to sit on the floor while enjoying the rest of the day, especially at night. You and the guests might catch a cold. You can prepare two ways to provide a seat on the patio.

About the ingredients, you can choose a seat made of brick arrangement attached to the mortar. However, the nature of the seat is semi-permanent and difficult for you to move. Can be moved using Thor’s hammer, provided you are willing to fall apart. Hehehe.

You do not have to worry about the seats made of brick glued will be rusty and weathered due to humid air and rain, because this material is very durable. In addition to brick, I still have other alternatives, namely using park benches that the amount please adjusted to the needs and you can buy from furniture stores.

Small patio garden ideas with benches are often made of rattan, wood, and iron. In contrast to semi-permanent materials, this material requires careful care because every rain comes, you need to move it into the house. When the chair or seat is wet, please dried or dried in order not to grow mold and rust.

small patio furniture
Image By Cmariedesign

For patio flooring, you can choose from materials made of cement, paving, brick patio, wooden patio deck ideas or natural stone. Do not underestimate the patio floor because it serves as a barrier between the patio area with the plant area. To get around the stinging summer, especially during the day, please complete the patio with a wide garden umbrella.

How to make DIY small patio ideas and how much to spend?

If you already know the benefits and components needed to make the patio, now turn the main requirement used to make a small patio in your home.

1. For the size of the patio, you make at home, should be proportional to your homeland. Landing a patio that has a small land size and less than 200 square meters to medium, between 200 to 400 square meters. The size of the proportional patio area of land as above, you can make it an area of 3 × 4 square meters.

Patio small (3 × 4 meters) should be given a hard material, such as natural rocks or even decorative pots on several sides. Plants placed in pots will facilitate the arrangement and growth. If you have large land, patio you can adjust to the needs so that referred to as the inner courtyard (inner courtyard)

2. Things to note is to make the patio with four sides: from various types of space next to it to be enjoyed.

3. The next step is to observe the design for sunlight and wind for the park can still freely pacing or going in and out.

4. You need to take advantage of the artificial mini waterfall, small ponds, and plants that propagate as a variety of scenery, as well as additional beauty.

5. The final step in making the patio is to place the seats you have chosen and adjusted the size on the side of the patio. You can choose a seat with canopy or chair that is resistant to various weather to stay durable.

Of the various components I’ve mentioned in the second sub-title and how to create a patio, you should be ready to budget funds for spending needs. Adjust funds for furniture, components, and embellishments.

Below I will give a rough idea of the costs you need to spend to create a patio. But you need to underline if the funds or fees adjust the area of the patio or patio designs for small spaces you will make.

  • Tile box: 10 $ per m2. When accumulated a sum of 2 million dollars for the price of materials and workers on the patio area of 30 m2.
  • Paver patio cost: 38 $ per m2. Accumulated 4 million dollars for workers and materials on a patio area of 30 m2.
  • Sandstone tiles: 40 $ per m2. When accumulated reaches 5 million dollars.
  • Quality textured tiles: 50 $ per m2 and reach Rp50-million when accumulated from material and worker material requirements for 30 m2 patio.
  • Chairs, tables, umbrellas, plants, and other decorations: about 500 $ depending on the quality and how many components you want.

How to Take Care of Patio

Today many families or individuals are interested in making the patio in their homes. However, most of them still do not know how to care for patio from various types of furniture. In this section, you do not need to shy cats to ask about how to take care of patio. Well, I will review about the furniture that is often used on the patio, namely wood, metal, plastic, and rattan. But not all furniture gets the same behavior or care.

• Caring for Wooden Furniture Patio

The patio made of wood usually has a high price, let alone the quality of the wood that you choose spelled out the high class. If you use wood on a patio, consider buying a water sealer that is capable of removing stains on wood. You can also use warm soapy water to remove stains, then rinse with water until clean and dry.

• Caring for Rattan Furniture Patio

One of the ingredients you can use on the patio is rattan. Besides it is easy to obtain, the nature of rattan is lighter than wood and slightly softer. However, rattan is somewhat susceptible to damage caused by sunlight and moisture. One way to keep rattan durable is to coat rattan with varnish or lacquer. You should regularly clean the dust to keep the rattan well and you can wash it with soapy water. Rinse and dry.

• Caring for Patio Metal Furniture

In order for your metal-based patio furniture to look clean, please avoid any cleaners that can lead to scraped and scratched furniture. While cleaning, you can use candle paste and soap which is often called a purpose cleaner, and you can use bleach while cleaning furniture made from metal. Like other furniture, after cleaning please rinse, then drying, and dry with a soft cloth.

• Caring for Plastic Furniture Patio

Caring for plastic patio furniture is fairly easy because you only need to spray water while cleaning it. However, do not forget to dry it you should use a soft cloth.
Of the four furniture above, the important point in caring for the patio is to keep the rain and dust from accumulating. If you already have rain, you can rinse the patio furniture using well water and dry it with a soft cloth or cloth.

Examples of Small Patio at Home

1. If your terrace space is not too large, choose a chair that is not too large and a variety of plants of medium size.

patio in small space
Image by CYAN Horticulture

2. For the next style is a simple garden. Does not require much care but can survive in any weather, including in extreme weather conditions.

patio in dry garden
Image By Exterior Worlds Landscaping Design

3. This is one of the concrete patio ideas; the seats similar to a sofa plus a fireplace made of cast concrete provide warmth while chatting with family.

Patio flooring
Image By Revival Arts

4. Do not you believe that the kitchen can be placed near a small terrace? Use the built-in bench and the accented brown walls will beautify the patio.

Small patio deck
Image by Outhouse Design

5. Laying a tree near a chair and a field of real grass or fake grass will add a shady atmosphere.

urban small patio
Image by Elaine Richardson Architect

6. You can turn your own patio into a unique dining spot just by placing a folding table and some chairs for a banquet for guests who come to your house to leave the impression of a simple yet memorable banquet.

small patio
Image by Archmog

7. The next option is to create a relaxing space in front of your entrance or backyard by simply placing a long bench, container garden, gnome, and a medium table with shades of green as a place for you to have a hobby of reading a book so that the activity does not make you fast saturated or drowsy.

Patio bench
Image By Dufner Heighes

8. Fill and put some potted plants on the patio, then leave a little space in the middle to lay a long chair or park bench so that when sitting there you feel sitting in a real park.

small patio in garden
Image by C P Landscape

9. An open space with shades of green and white will spoil the eye and give a broader impression. You can put some synthetic grass, a number of potted plants and other support equipment, such as chairs and garden tables to beautify your yard.

green and white patio
Image By CATO Creative Ltd

10. Adding some plants and furniture made of wood will reveal fresh and comfortable shades on your terrace.

Roof top patio
Image By Siol Studios

11. You can create a space for camping in your house by placing a fireplace surrounded by folding chairs.

small patio with fire pit
Image by Coffman Studio

12. Enable balcony of your house by adding chairs, tables, garden umbrellas, and plants for the patio.

Patio in balcony
Image By Cocozy

13. You can engineer an elevated terrace to be a resting place or read a book.

terrace patio
Image By replacement design

14. Try this patio designs for small spaces; round tables, wooden chairs, and plants add elegant impression to the patio.

Patio with round table
Image by Janet Paik

15. For those of you who always want to have everything that looks neat and modern, just put the ornamental plant and built-in bench on your patio.

neat and modern small patio
Image By Nu Builds

16.paver patio designs on this pic tell that you can add a mixture of materials from the pavers to the wall. Classic shades will be visible.

Rustic patio
Image by Lorena Ongaro Anderson Design

17. To make the patio look attractive, add a big paving stone to the private space available to you and your family.

Paving for patio
Image By Rue Group Inc

Building a patio at home can be done. However, the arrangement should not interfere with the main function of the patio. Thanks to the patio, you will have a place of privacy that can be used as watching television, chatting, reading books, resting, and so forth.

We recommend that the arrangement in accordance with the direction of arrival of sunlight that enters through the right side and left the side. Well, after knowing some of the reviews that I write this article, let’s make the patio in their homes. Let’s make a patio!


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