5 Best Whole House Water Filter – Ultimate Buyer Guide Type And Prices

pelican best whole house water filter
pelican 5 stage water filtration system

Best Whole House Water Filter – What Is It?

Whole house water filter is a robust system that can filter the incoming water from the water line into your home. It can treat the water extensively before entering the faucets of your house. There are some brands the best whole house water filter available. However, before talking about them, it is important to know that there are two types of whole house water filters.

First, it is standard whole house filtering with a reduced capacity set of filters to filter more than 100K, and if you reach the limit, you should replace the cartridges. It depends on the manufacturer; some cartridges can work from three to six months. It also depends on the amount of water to deal with and how the water contaminates it.

3m-aqua-pure photo courtesy 3m

Second, it is a heavy-duty system with larger bigger filter cartridges, and it has a longer replacement. Also, it is the great option with a heavy-duty carbon filter to work for more than ten years. After that, you should replace the cartridge. It is the best whole house water filter if you want to filter millions of gallons, for sure.

These types work based on the needs of the amount of water to filter. We recommend you to choose standard if you want to use it for regular households. Meanwhile, the massive system is ideal for handling large amounts of water into a household such as a hostel, large residential facilities, hospital, and others.

How It Work

Whole house water filters work in general. They have some multiple steps to purify water. They are different from on local filters because you need to implement the system at the root of the water line system. By doing this, the whole house gets the water. The cartridges in each filtering stage will concern on the kinds of contaminants that you want to remove. Well, it depends on the manufacturer to offer the best whole house water filter. It is possible for you to get several filtering methods into a product. Alternatively, they may provide some more parts you should purchase to install the whole system.

water filter schematic

Sediment Filter (Pre-filter)

The filter prevents solid physical objects, such as dirt and rocks to get into the water stream.

Carbon Activated System

A two-stage system with the activated carbon filtering at the end of the process to remove the most common chemicals from water, such as chlorine as well as heavy metals. It makes the chemicals clog on the filter so that the water keeps flowing to the faucets of your house.

Reverse Osmosis System

It comes with an extra filtering stage with a thin-film composite (TFC) to remove many organic as well as inorganic components from water, such as fluorides, lead, copper, and microorganism. You can implement reverse osmosis under the kitchen sink to get healthy drinking water.

Deionization (DI) System

It is a final stage of filtering, to remove the remaining TDS particles. The ions in this system remove the most remaining particles that affect the water quality, in particular for the color.

Water Softeners

It is a good filtering to treat hard water and make it softer. Besides, it is rich in healthy minerals such as magnesium and calcium. You only need a softener if you have a water-clogging issue.

Manganese Dioxide Filters

It is a filtering system to deal with soluble iron on the water stream. This system works if you have any matters related to orange water or water tasting metallic. However, it does not help if the issue is from the inner net of the pipes, not with the water stream.

Bacteriostatic Copper-Zinc Filters

It is a filtering technology to remove many dangerous bacteria from water. It can create the oligodynamic effect to combat bacteria, fungus, and algae.

How To Install Whole House Water Filter

If you have purchased one of the best whole house water filtration systems, you can use the guideline below to install it.

  1. Turn off the water at the meter
  2. Find the cold-water line that enters the house. After that, screw a plywood panel to the wall near that area.
  3. Use hex-head screws to fasten the filter-mounting bracket to the plywood panel.
  4. Work around the threads of the outlet fitting by wrapping Teflon tape. You should tighten the fitting to the outlet side of the filter housing.
  5. Use an adapter. Screw it into the inlet portion of the filter housing.
  6. Use Teflon tape. Wrap it around a threaded fitting. Continue by threading it into the adapter. Tighten with it a pipe wrench and pliers.
  7. Use a close-quarter hacksaw, cut through the cold water pipes.
  8. Use emery cloth to clean the cut pipe ends.
  9. Look at the filter housing. You should mount it to the metal bracket bolted to the plywood panel.
  10. Have a solder less coupling, push it onto the end of the water pipe.
  11. Push the valve onto the coupling, and onto the inlet side of the filter.
  12. Take the second valve, install it on the outlet side of the filter.
  13. Turn off both ball valves.
  14. To make sure that the plumbing connection is grounded you should add a bare copper ground wire, from the house side of the filter to the water meter side of the screen.
  15. Turn the water on, open the ball valves, and make sure that there are no leaks
    Those are all the steps on how to install all best whole house water filters.

How To Choose The Best Whole House Water Filter Providers

Before installing a whole house water filter, it is important to make sure that you need it. Below, you can use the guideline to choose the best whole house water treatment system.

1.Find Out The Things In The Water

It is important to get a copy of the water quality report in your house. The report is known as CCR (Consumer Confident Report) you can get from the local water utility or authority.  The report helps you to know about what contaminants in your water. If you have a private well and you are unable to get the report, consider testing your water independently.

2.Decide The Contaminants To Reduce

After finding the contaminants in your water, you should find the best treatment, certified solution to solve the water quality. Well, not all of the best whole house water filter systems come with a high capability to reduce all contaminants. However, you can use the report or the independent water testing results to help you decide about the contaminants that you want to reduce in the drinking water. Also, you can use the NSF’s contaminant selection guide to locate certified products to reduce the desired contaminants.

3.Get The Best Options For Water Treatments

There are several water treatment options available from the whole-house system to treat all the water in your home to filters to complete specific areas just like kitchen faucets. A water pitcher or countertop filters can be the more portable solutions. Nevertheless, some can reduce a single contaminant while others can reduce many. Again, you should know your needs.

  • Point-of-use (POU) systems
    It can treat water where you use or drink your water, including water pitchers, reserve osmosis system, and faucet filters. Reserve osmosis systems are the NSF-certified system that can reduce nitrate, fluoride, lead, and copper.
  • Whole-house/point-of-entry (POE) systems
    It can treat water as it enters a house. Usually, the systems are installed near the water meter or a good water. It includes UV microbiological systems, water softeners, as well as whole-house filters for taste, chlorine, odor, and others.

5 Best Whole House Water Filter Products Review

1. The Home Master HMF2SDGC Whole House 2-Stage Home Filtration System

It is a two-stage home filtration system to deal with sediment, manganese, sulfur, chlorine, and heavy metals. It also can filter micro-contaminants down to 1 micron. The lifespan of the filter is varied, which can be more than 95,000 gallons in the carbon filter. Moreover, its rate is 20 gallons per minute.

best whole house water filter
home master water filter


  • Provide good supply pressure for your house.
  • Long lifespan to save your money.
  • The filters able to keep the beneficial minerals.


  • You must install it on the wall stud.
  • Replacing the filters is expensive.
  • Only for city supply. It is not ideal if you have a well supply.

Summary:  It is the best choice for a family with a stable place to mount the filter.

2. The Aquasana Rhino EQ-1000 Whole House Filtration System

It can filter sediment, rust, microscopic particulates, as well as chlorine. It works if you need a 3-stage filter with seven gallons per minute. The primary filter can handle 1,000,000 gallons.

best whole house water filtration systems
aquasana water filter


  • 1 Million gallons.
  • Balance the pH of your supply.
  • Able to remove 97% of chlorine.


  • Pre and post-filters with frequent replacement.
  • You must install it on floor and a plumber.
  • Not good if you hate soft water feel.

Summary: It is the best whole house water filtration system with a robust design that is close to alkaline supply, without adding salt or using electricity. It is also good for those who need unchlorinated liquid.

3. The 3M Aqua-Pure Whole House Filtration System (Model AP903)

It is 1-stage filtration system to control sediment, rust, dirt, chlorine taste, as well as odor with the lifespan of 100,000 gallons. It can provide 20 gallons per minute.

best whole house water filter by 3m
3m aqua pure single


  • Simple filter with 1-stage carbon.
  • Replace the entire unit, no messy liquids.
  • Can last more than a year.


  • If the water supply is too full of sediment, the five-micron filter can clog up. It needs a pre-filter or frequent filter unit replacement.
  • Replace the entire unit.
  • Cannot remove smaller stuff such as VOCs, heavy metals, and Giardia.

Summary: Best for those who need to remove chlorine smell and taste with bigger chunky stuff but does not have a problem with VOC’s, herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, and others.

4. The Watt WH-LD Premier Whole House Filter System

It is a 1-stage filter system to reduce sediment, rust, and dirt with the capability of 10 gallons per minute. The filter lifespan varies.

best whole house water filtration systems by WH LD
WH LD water filter


  • Low-cost unit and replacement filter.
  • Available for many uses, replaceable filters.
  • Bypass switch for easy filter switch.


  • Filters only less than 50 microns, other stuff cannot be filtered.
  • Need a shut off valve.
  • Has three filters, but only 50-micron filters.

Summary: It is good for someone who needs effective and low-cost whole house filtration and accepts tinker a bit.

5. Pelican 5-Stage Water Filtration & Softening System

It is a complete set of filtering with a five-stage system for sediment, copper-zinc, activated carbon and water softener. The system can work for more than one mil gallons. The tank replacement is only five years. The prefilters can last for more than nine months.

pelican best whole house water filter
pelican 5 stage water filtration system


  • Can filter more than one mil gallons.
  • No additional purchase of water softener.


  • Less flexible with less option of filters.
  • Aquasana has ten years of tank replacement.

Summary: Well, it is ideal for you who need a quite complete set of filtering, but does not matter if you have no many choices available for the filters.


In conclusion, using the right and the best home water treatment system provides several benefits to your life. It is more than just having a broad coverage to the whole plumbing system. However, it is also about to make sure that you are consuming a healthy water. In fact, healthy water is something more than just clean and tasty water.

Other than that, it is about having good quality water for showering or bathing. Amazingly, our skin can absorb other hygiene uses such as heavy metals and pathogenic microorganisms. Therefore, it is more than just talking about oral.

This kind of system provides the quality of the water, which is crucial, as there are many stages of filtering. Even though your need is only tapping the water on your kitchen, you get something safer with these stages. Furthermore, people who have to live in zones where they are living close to industrial activity or any history related to chemical contamination get more benefits from the filtering system. It is important to note that cleaning the water in many stages provide aesthetic results, especially for your skin and hair.


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