6 Stunning Small Bathroom Designs Ideas That Make Wider Feel

small bathroom on the attic
small bathroom on the attic

Are you going to plan small bathroom designs in your tiny house? Decorating a small bathroom becomes more difficult because of the limits of the space. You may be careful in choosing the right furniture sets, color choice, arrangement, and selection of additional features.
However, having a small bathroom doesn’t mean that you don’t have any opportunity to make a feeling that is comfortable. The inspiration is everywhere. Therefore, now, we will show you the most stunning ideas to create your small bathroom to be winsome.

Adding Organized Storage

What do you think of your storage in the bathroom? Installing smart, organized storage will avoid your small bathroom from clutter. It will also eliminate the unwanted furnishing to put your toiletries and other equipment.

small bathroom designs
organized torage in bathroom

As shown on the picture, you can set the storage under sink vanity with open door design. The open wooden cabinet may not only have functioned as the vanity bathroom but also as smart storage. You can put your towels and equipment there. You can also install a built-in storage to place your toiletries. It will look tidier when setting the organized storage in your tiny bathroom.

Plan your color scheme and palette

Do you know what makes your bathroom looks dark and narrow? Color scheme and palette will influence the appearance. Using the neutral wall color is perfect as a background for the small bathroom. To create an attractive look, you can add the pop of colors. It will give artistic and stylish flair and ambiance.

the white wall color light scheme
the white wall color

The white wall color is a great neutral color that resembles light scheme. White monochromatic will reduce the dark nuance. However, it will be more beautiful when adding such pop of colors as in the picture. The blue and pale color as shown on the shower curtain, accessories and towels give the shabby chic appearance.

Be Light for Wider Feel

What makes your small bathroom look wider? Giving enough lights will create lighter nuance in the small room. Providing lights can be enhanced by setting the high lighting system and natural lights through windows.
Many kinds of lighting systems are available to set in the bathroom. However, for a small bathroom, you are better to install the recessed light or pendant lights. If you have a wall mirror, you can also add the LED wall sconces around the mirror. It is clear to ensure creating light feels in the small bathroom.

Adding light in the bathroom
Adding light source in the bathroom

Adding the lights can make the lights reflected another area. Additionally, the natural lights from the sun can penetrate well through the windows. Installing the recessed lights with opened glass windows create a lighter feel in the bathroom. Of course, it makes your bathroom looks wider. Moreover, the use of glass wall shower will eliminate the tight feel.

Install Great Mirror

As stated above, the light bathroom will create a wider feel. One of the best ways to set is by installing the wall mirror. It is very common to add the great mirror over the vanity. Moreover, you can insert the lights around the mirror. It will give an additional reflection of the lights in the bathroom.

the wide mirror on the wooden board
the wide mirror on the wooden board

It is very awesome to trick a small bathroom with the light and reflected things. As shown in the small bathroom designs images, everybody will love that kind of small bathroom. Even it is small. It looks very comfortable.
Adding the wide mirror on the wooden board over the vanity is a good idea. It will give a great reflection of the generous lights from the ED light flanking. Additionally, the combination of that big wall mirror with the light color schemes makes perfect. Now, this is your time to choose whether what rather mirror you will prefer to use.

Be Functional for Your Small Bathroom

For information, functionality is considered as the core for the small bathroom design. As known, a small bathroom may lead easily to the unwanted clutter. Therefore, you can ensure to add the design elements for more functional.
The functionality can give advantages for some purposes. You can store the cotton balls or swabs in the glass jars located on the floating shelves. You may also install the hamper added under your sink. It is also interesting to minimize the counter space by saving or storing the personal equipment or toiletries.

the white shelf on the bathroom wall
the white shelf on the wall

The functionality does not always mean the storage to put something. You can set the wall shelves to put some stuff. As in the picture, the use of white shelf on the wall can be useful to put the toiletries, moreover the ornaments.
You may also see on the corner side of the bathtub. It is perfect to see the toiletries in the basket placed on the tub edge side. When you have a wider side, you will better add such ornament or indoor plant. It will give an aesthetic and artificial look in your even small space.

Choosing and Arranging the Right Furniture

Choosing the right furniture is essential. You must know which furniture you must set in your limited space. Never think that you will get the double tub and shower. A small bathroom will be better to apply the shower with glass door. However, you can also just prefer to small bathroom designs with the tub that will fit every corner in your bathroom. It can help you minimize the clutter.
Additionally, you can also set the functional storage as cabinet or shelves without spending more space. The way is by choosing the vessel sink or wall shelves. The size of furniture itself will also influence the arrangement. Make a good plan before buying the furniture. By a suitable arrangement, you can organize all furniture sets in your tiny bathroom.

small bathroom on the attic
small bathroom on the attic

Look at the picture. You can see how the small attic can turn into a great bathroom. Using the fit bathroom on the corner is a good idea, moreover under the translucent ceiling side. It is also favorable when using the vessel vanity design with double sinks. It is clear to feel larger when added the big wall mirror over the vanity.
Well now, you can see how fantastic the small bathroom when designed well is. You can enhance the room with some inspiring tips above. Of course, it will give you smart ideas to make your small bathroom designs become stunning.



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