Affordable Non Toxic Mattress – What Is It?

Affordable non toxic mattress can be organic latex, organic wool, or organic cotton. It means that the organic components in our bed are free from pesticides. We can say that the manufacturer constructs the mattress without using chemical process. At this time, many organic mattresses are using natural wool. The reason is that, to meet the regulation of 1633 fire retardant. Therefore, they do not have any concern about using harmful flame resistant components and chemicals.

Also, the organic mattress should be hypoallergenic, biodegradable, as well as durable. There are many affordable organic mattress options with a high capability to support alleviate and body pressure. At the same time, the springs regulate our body temperature. It means you can sleep cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

eco- friendly Mattress
Non Toxic Mattress photo by Melissa Kruse

Why Should Not Purchase Conventional Mattress

Affordable, non-toxic mattress helps you reduce the carbon footprint in your body. At the same time, you can reduce the dangerous toxins in the air. By this reason, you should leave the conventional mattress. Obviously, there is no evidence that the product provides a healthy sleeping method. Besides, you can find some problems with the standard mattress as below:

  1. Chemical flame retardant
  2. Contains carcinogenic chemicals as well as pesticides
  3. Includes polyurethane foam
  4. Comes with antibiotic use
  5. Based on dangerous production process
  6. Brings negative environment impact
  7. Degrades and compresses quickly
  8. Decreases the respiratory health
  9. Increases the risk of allergens

The Benefits of Purchasing Affordable Organic Mattress

The affordable organic mattress provides you a safe choice, for you and your environment.  In fact, most companies that produce the organic mattresses commit to producing eco-friendly products. It means that they create it without using any dangerous chemicals. Besides, they do not use any synthetic materials. The most significant part of the organic mattress is that it should meet the organic standards. In the end, the goal is about producing a comfortable, sustainable, safe and healthy bed.

Below, there are some benefits you can get by having affordable, non-toxic mattress:

  1. Chemical Free
  2. Able to regulate temperature
  3. Durable
  4. Hypoallergenic
  5. Comfort and elastic
  6. Naturally flame resistant
  7. Safe for infant
  8. Biodegradable and sustainable
  9. Supports extreme and minimal pressure

So, anytime you want to purchase a conventional mattress instead of an affordable, non-toxic mattress, please re-think. Well, you can read about the benefits of the Organic mattress and the risk of regular bed more. We hope that it gives you more valuable information to help you decide the best mattress for you.

Affordable Organic Mattress – Type, Brands, And Prices

Speaking of the types, there are certain kinds of an organic mattress, the brands, and the prices. Below, we provide you the complete explanation should know.

1. Hybrid – Avocado Green Mattress ($1899)

affordable non toxic Mattress
Avocado Green Mattress

A hybrid mattress can be your ideal choice. When it comes to a hybrid mattress, it means that manufacturer combines a memory foam or latex with an innerspring system. It is important to know that the combination is there to create both benefits.

As we know, hybrid lets you enjoy the combination of comfort and support. Also, the hybrid mattress has two or more support systems with the memory foam layers and the innerspring system. Well, this is enough to offer a great experience of memory foam and the classic feel of the innerspring mattress.

Avocado green mattress provides it as one of their eco-friendly mattresses. Besides, they offer it with certified organic cotton, 100% Joma New Zealand wool, and 100% natural latex.

Absolutely, it is famous as the safe and the most affordable non-toxic mattress. The interesting part is that the company produced the handmade bed by using eco-friendly, organic, and sustainable materials.

2. Talalay Latex – Zenhaven (Queen $1899)

plant based memory foam mattress
Talalay Zenhaven Mattress

Zenhaven Mattress provides a hidden gem. We can say that it is a performance material to offer excellent qualities. Besides, Talalay latex is a natural material from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree. That is why it makes you like sleeping on the air.

Other things that you should know is that it has the cushioning system to offer pressure relief. Also, the material is breathable, comfortable to turn, hygienic. The best part is that it can regulate the temperature. We think it is the ideal choice for hypoallergenic.

Moreover, it does not contain any harmful materials for the environment and the user because it is non-toxic. Last but not the least, the content is great if you need a highly durable mattress.

The company constructed the Zenhaven Matress from 100% of natural Talalay latex. Furthermore, each mattress contains natural latex, organic cotton, and 100% organic New Zealand Wool. Evidently, the brand is popular for its best traditional mattress company with more ethics and affordable cost.

3. Natural bamboo memory foam – Cariloha (Queen $1100)

plant based memory foam mattress
Cariloha Mattress

We can say that it is a plant based memory foam mattress. It is constructed from bamboo as the natural components. Besides, it reduces the VOC exposure for a non-toxic choice. It means that it is breathable, which makes heat away from your body easily. It supports your posture to remove any bad space. The best part is that it can be the ideal choice for the right spinal alignment.

Cariloha is a company that can turn bamboo filed into beautiful and soft bamboo fabrics. Also, they have some collections of mattresses and beddings from soft, cool, green and clean bamboo. Amazingly, their product is renewable and sustainable. Moreover, they can produce soft and hypoallergenic organic product. In the end, the Cariloha mattress is perfect for those who need super soft, restful and breathable mattress.

4.Organic mattress – Naturepedic (Queen $1999)

affordable non toxic mattress
Naturepedic Mattress

It is true that most organic mattress comes with innerspring beds, organic padding, and natural fabric. The company completes the materials with latex mattress. Speaking of the padding and the fabric, the conventional sources they use are organic wool and cotton. Besides, some organic mattresses are from plant-based poly foams, natural latex, natural material. In short, the organic mattress is about using all-natural materials.

Move to Naturepedic. It is the favorite option for parents, independent evaluators, and doctors. Besides, the company has been the leader in the organic mattress market. Based on some reports, they made their products with non-toxic and organic materials.

Believe it or not, they have certified organic cotton fabric as well as filling. Besides, they also offer organic wool batting with the GOTS certification. The best part of the company is that they pass the standards of all Federal and State Flammability regulations without using fire retardant chemicals. It sounds nice that they also offer baby and kids mattresses with their environmentally friendly bed.

5. Luxury innerspring mattress – Saatva (Queen $999)

affordable organic mattress
Saatva Mattress

The innerspring mattress comes with a steel coil support system. It is important to note that there are some types of spring systems. Furthermore, the shape and the design of the spring, as well as the coil gauge or the amount of coil in the mattress can be different to each other. Overall, the innerspring has padding or upholstery materials for its cover such as foams, fiber, or smaller steel springs as the additional layers. The more coils, the more points of supports and the better the bed to support the sleeper.

Speaking of the company, Saatva is the leader in a worn out mattress market. We have to say that they can create luxury innerspring mattress. They start from organic cotton cover, as well as euro pillow top. It means they can sell affordable, non-toxic bed with luxury design. Amazingly, each of the mattress from Saatva is plant-based, eco-friendly materials, and crafted.

6. Memory foam – Loom & Leaf (Queen $1099)

non toxic memory foam mattress
Loom and Leaf by Saatva

Next is memory foam mattress, which known as viscoelastic. The mattress is a high-density polyurethane foam. Here, the foam is the support system in the upholstery layer. It can contour the shape of the sleepers.

Loom & Leaf is the memory foam line of Saatva. About the company, they are the strong rival of some higher end memory foam such as Tempur-Pedic and iComfort. However, they are more attractive than the competitors are because of their affordability.

7. Natural latex – Nest (Queen $1199)

environmentally friendly mattress
Nest Bedding Mattress

Natural latex is from the rubber tree. Even though the latex is from the rubber tree, not all natural latex mattresses are organic. Commonly, all organic latex mattresses come with the label “100% natural latex”. It offers you a more affordable option than the organic latex mattress.

Nest has serious commitment to bring an organic, non-toxic, and affordable mattress. Their goal is to become a low-overhead business model that offers quality, comfort, and affordability. Besides, their bedding products are from organic cotton and natural wool.

8. Hybrid foam and Celiant Gel – Bear Mattress (Queen $850)

non toxic mattress
eco-friendly mattress by bear mattress

Bear Mattress is one of the best eco-friendly mattress manufacturers to complete the needs of athletes, healthy, and active people. In fact, they designed the bed with Celliant gel responsive textile as the technology to increase the level of oxygen and circulation. As a result, it provides better sleep and faster recovery. Besides, the company has Certi-Pur certification to make sure that their mattresses do not contain chemicals and hard flame retardants.

9. Custom foam – Tuft and Needle

plant based memory foam mattress
Tuft and Needle Mattress

Tuft and Needle provide beds without chemicals and flame-retardants. The American manufacturer can ship the mattress to your door. Their non-toxic memory foam mattress solved the problem in the past for the confusion, expensive, and the lack of the consumer focus in the mattress industry.

Those are all about the urban green bed and the significant problems you may get with the conventional mattress. If you do a good thing for your environment and health, it means that you do a better thing for the future of your life.

In conclusion, if you can make a change today, then do not waste your time to buy affordable, non-toxic mattress.


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