9 Easy Way to Decorate an Eco-Friendly Living Room [TIPS and GUIDANCE]

eco-friendly living room image
Living room by Rockefeller

How to Arrange a Small Living Room? If you have a small space to decorate, please don’t worry! How to decorate a living room in eco-friendly ways will be really smart to be chosen.

Why is an Eco-Friendly Living Room Important?

The increasing knowledge of global climate change due to human activities is the right momentum for developing carbon emission reduction strategies and environmental impacts in the building sector. The right step in safeguarding the environment and saving the planet from global warming is an environmentally-friendly building design.

It aims to conserve electrical energy which means reducing carbon emissions and you can keep building operations. Also, maintain the productivity of residents by maintaining a healthy room air quality.

The origin of the building design obtains excellent performance regardless of occupant health and comfort. Then the building cannot be sustainable. Air pollution in the building often comes from the emissions of furnishing materials and furniture components.

Therefore, you need to design a green building and supported by environmentally friendly interior design as well. What else in the living room.

What to Take Concern in Your Eco-Friendly Living Room

The eco-friendly living room plays a role in improving the quality of health, comfort, and positive impact on air quality. If there are plywood and composite wood in your living room that produce formaldehyde from paint or varnishes.

Furniture and carpets will be in a wrapped condition if you buy and when you get in a living room, then the packaging is opened. Well, that’s when the furniture emits formaldehyde emissions that often make eyesore and a stinging smell.

Laying planters in the living room can reduce air pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon dioxide. In addition to reducing pollutants, the aesthetics of natural elements in the living room will provide a comfortable atmosphere and can reduce stress.

An eco-friendly living room will affect your health condition if you look at the above paragraphs discussing eco-friendly living room furniture selection, the location of windows, and giving the planters in the living room.

How to Set Up a Living Room to an Eco-friendly Living Room?

Global warming often gets particular attention from most of the society. Steps have been accommodated to save energy, from the small things to the concept of building a house that does not harm the earth.

Green home starting from the design of building architecture, building materials, building methodology, water use efficiency, and life cycle green living. If you participate in preserving the environment through environmentally friendly homes, slowly the earth will become a comfortable place to live again.

In addition to putting an ornamental plant in the living room, you can create an eco-friendly living room through;

  • Lighting efficiency

  • Space efficiency

  • Plan building materials

  • Placement of vents

Designing the right roof can give the impression. It will be loved if you have friendly materials and outdoors green spot.

  1. Always take advantage of natural lighting through the sun.

2. Window and ventilation layouts, you need to set up for natural lighting can be obtained by making large windows or can also use light or through the roof hole.

3. In the living room, you can design by reducing the use of insulation and combine space functions. Combining more than one service in a single place is a wise choice compared to the days you spend using blocks.

4. Under the roof cover, you need to add aluminum foil sheets because they provide a sense of comfort and make the living room and other space coolers. The use of air conditioner is not the only solution to make the living room and the room inside the house feel comfortable and relaxed.

5. You need to build an environmentally friendly house using specific materials. It can provide comfort for you and your family.

The existence of green roof or green roof is now beginning to be carried by some people to apply to the house. It because using green roof can cool the building while adding magnet carbon dioxide in less-used space.

The way it can make water that comes from rain or water spray plants will turn into steam. You can choose a green roof like grass for rain, water falling to the ground or green roof will turn into steam.

How to Arrange a Small Living Room with Eco-Friendly Ways?

The presence of an eco-friendly living room in a house is the very important role. Moreover, the eco-friendly living room will give a new feel for the place; air circulation and comfort. Below is an important point worthy of use to design an environmentally friendly living room.

Applying the eco-friendly living room makes you no less with Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Ian Somerhalder, and Cameron Diaz. They are designing environmentally friendly interiors as Earth’s temperature increases.

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But not always interior designing the living room requires a budget that fantastic because with a limited nominal you can design it.

Here’s How to Decorate Your Living Room:

  •  Using Plants as a Living Room Decoration

There’s nothing better than putting a plant in the corner of your living room. Choose plants that can filter dirty air and make your home feel more comfortable and fresh.

Examples of plants that placed in some corner or place in the living room are aloe vera plant. Not only used as medicines, but aloe vera can also absorb pollution and neutralize toxins and chemicals.

If you like flowers, then you can choose and use chrysanthemum flowers that can relieve stress and bring the feel of a quiet living room. Chrysanthemum flowers have a scent that is not scented and smelled stingy.

You need to choose plants suitable for your room. The size needs to be adjusted to the living room. Oh yes, do not forget to select plants that are easy to be treated in anticipation when you have activities outside the home; work.

By using planters, you can give a beautiful impression with low price for environmentally friendly living room design.

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  • Select and Use Window that Eases the Entry of Sunshine

The eco-friendly living room design is to minimize the use of lights and maximize the lighting from the sun. You can choose and buy windows with exorbitant prices that are equipped with curtains.

Put the window in the living room is also not haphazard. Point the window to the south to get a fresh and healthy morning sun.

Besides, sunlight can kill bacteria and germs that are not good for the health of the body. Using the sun instead of using the lights in the morning can nourish your body and reduce your intake of the electrical load.

If you want to use lights, you need to choose energy-efficient LED lights. Although the price of LED lights is higher than other lamps, these lamps last longer than ordinary lights.

When you go to the store to buy lights, make sure the light bulb is labeled “energy efficient” on the wrapper.

  • Using Recycled Furnishings

Recycled products will help you save money, but it’s also useful to reduce waste. Choosing recycled home furnishings as well as minimize your expenses because the price is not as high as factory-made furniture. Also, the quality of recycled furniture that has been produced is no less with the quality of the factory.

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  • Selecting a Low VOC Product

VOC refers to Volatile Organic Compounds means stuff made of materials that are not good for health. Materials containing VOC can be found in house paint, furniture, carpets, curtains, and so forth. You need to provide the budget allocated to purchase renovation items or materials that do not contain the element.

On flooring, you can use materials from rocks, such as marble to give a natural and eco-friendly impression. Marble is very easy to clean; the material is stable and can last for years without requiring particular attention from you. By minimizing VOC products, health and comfort are maintained.

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Some Ideas for Eco-Friendly Living Rooms

1. Max

solid wood dining table
Image by Les Constructions

Reduces the room bulk that affects the lighting efficiency (one window for some rooms)

2. Ranch Renovation

Eco-friendly Living Room Image
Eco-friendly Living Room Image by Kipnis Arch

Eco-friendly living rooms with skylight ceiling idea give lighting efficiency by the real sun.

3. Ecologia Montreal

contemporary planter
Image by Ecologia

The living room will get sunlight through one large glass window and one large glass door. Sansevieria a plant tongue-in-law is easy to treat and can reduce air pollution, and can give a fresh impression to the interior of the living room. reducing the pollution produced by furniture

4. Adelaide Living Room

eco-friendly Living Room
Living Room by Jane Lee

Midcentury living room idea with three separated zones will get enough sunlight through large glass windows.

5. Cove Home

eco-friendly living room
Living room by Stanev Potts

Glass-walled central hall is excellent to give natural light and create an attractive private spot.

6. Living Room Makeover in Hawaii

living room contemporary planter by peter
Image by Peter

Reducing the amount of furniture, putting planters near the living room, and large glass windows will have a positive impact, i.e., decreased levels of Volatile Organic Compounds.

7. Oakland House


Indoor planter Image
Image by Wick

The use of large glass windows gives the impression of luxury and reduce the use of light through the lamp.

8. East House on Byron Bay

eco-friendly Living Room
Living Room by Built-Environment Practice

The house that implements green architecture will use a lot of void for lighting and ventilation aims. Reducing the bulkhead will minimize the use of light, especially at night.

9. Weiland

contemporary planter image
contemporary planter Image by Weiland

How to arrange living room furniture in a rectangular room? Window positioning and planters affect the condition and can decrease the stress level. Large windows, vents, and planters will make you and your guest feel comfortable.

10. Mexican Riviera House

Eco-friendly living room
Indoor-Outdoor Living Room by Carlos Alberto

A modern design of designing the eco-friendly living room project with joining indoor and outdoor space.

11. Pied-A-Terre Project

Eco-friendly Living Room
Eco-friendly Living Room by Niche Interior

Natural sunlight from the window plays an active role in heating the living room. Especially in the winter.

12. Corby’s Project

Living room planter
Eco-friendly Living Room by Decorpro

Planters in the form of flowers, and minimize room will make your days more comfortable and happy. Skylight on the ceiling will make the living room lighter without adding some lamps

13. Holidays House

Indoor Contemporary Planter Image
Contemporary Planter Image by Huniford Design Studio

Warm living room with eco-friendly ways by putting some planters in the corner and on the table to make your living room keep alive. And it will make you and your guest feel comfortable.

14. Heritage Home Make Over

eco-friendly living room image
Image by Tanner Kibble

The glass wall adds enough light in this short ceiling room, the furniture placements also take part.

15. Sea Cliff Family Home

eco-friendly Living Room
Living Room by Butler Armsden

Double glass wall and door affect the condition and can decrease the stress level.

16. Residence in Mandeville Canyon

eco-friendly living room image
Living room by Rockefeller

Warm living room with eco-friendly ways fulled-glass wall and windows makes you feel closer to nature.

17. Penthouse in Hayman Island

green living room image
Living Room by Apaiser

Putting a large glass window with secluded wrap will add more eco-friendly living room taste with warm furniture layout.

That’s it! The ideas of how to arrange a small living room with eco-friendly living room ideas. Although small impact, at least global warming can decompose many percents. Take a look at how to design an environmentally friendly living room, for comfort to be present around your home while taking care of the earth from global warming.


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