9 Fresh Contemporary Planters in the Living Room [BENEFIT and MAINTENANCE TIPS]

Indoor planter Image
Indoor planter Image by Leverone

Have you known how contemporary planters in the living room takes part in your life? Ok, now I am going to show you about ideas to take Planters.

Why Are Contemporary Planters Important?

If your living room still looks empty; paint colors of walls that begin to wear out or peel, contemporary wall planters can change some empty space, adding planter vas in the middle of the table? Why not? It’s good for you to decorate it with.

Arranging the living room or giving the contemporary planters in the living room is very important. It can regulate the air circulation if the plants you choose is not made from plastic. Besides, giving the natural impression on the living room. Thanks to non-plastic based contemporary pots and planters. Also, visiting guests will feel comfortable if the planters placed in an empty place; such as in a corner or next to a chair.

Benefits of Adding Contemporary Planters Indoor

Like I told you before if the modern planters provide the benefits of cleaning the air in the living room. If the living room in your house is rather narrow, the right choice is to choose plants that can be hung and resistant to the air in the house.

living room contemporary planter by peter
Contemporary planter by Peter

In addition to saving space, hanging planters, indoor contemporary can be last longer than other Modern Contemporary Planters; about endurance if not watered every day. In addition to cleaning the air, contemporary planter boxes placed in the living room or hung can help create a relaxed and calm atmosphere, as well as relieve stress.
This is reinforced by a study in the Netherlands in 2008 that proved those hospital patients if given planters in the room, the level of stress will decrease or low compared with patients who live in rooms without planter boxes.

For example, plants that benefit the room and your body there is aloe vera. For planters that provide positive impacts such as aloe vera which one of the benefits is the gel content contained in the fruit flesh and can be used for a unique healing for burns on the skin. In addition to gel, aloe vera also helps to clean air from pollutants that are often found in various chemical cleaning products and excessive amounts of chemicals in the air; this plant will remove brown spots.

How to Caring Contemporary Indoor Planters

Different with Contemporary Outdoor Planters, caring for contemporary planters indoor need to pay attention to the soil in pots to keep moist. But not wet. If the soil is too dry or too wet, it can destroy the roots and inhibit plant growth.

If you are too rare or too often water the plants, the behavior that makes indoor planters can die. Well, you need to know if thick and thick leafy plants need more water than plants with a waxy leaf or leathery leaf (blades that keep water on the surface to keep them from getting lost).

Next, the frequency of watering should be specific and appropriate for all indoor plants. The right step before taking care is to choose and know the type of plant you want to have by following tips on how often to water the plants by researching the types of plants.
If the fungus starts to appear on the surface of the ground or there is water that does not quickly absorb or flow in the bottom of the pot, meaning you overwater the plants. Flush plants if the soil color becomes light and the soil is cracked.

If the planters are in a closed room, please take out to get air and sunlight to refresh. Indoor plants need light and fresh air that you can manage by removing plants one week once.

contemporary planter image
Planterin Living Room Image by Avi

If you have an indoor plant that does not like sunlight and is resistant to enclosed spaces, please remove the plant two to four weeks once. For two to four weeks the plant is placed under shade trees to get fresh air.

Next is to insert the finger into the ground to find out how wet the soil on the bottom surface. If your finger has entered the ground until your thumbnails, you can feel approximately the plants need more water or not. If the soil feels moist, it means the plants do not need watering, and if the plants think dry, please flush.

Remember This 3 Points!

1. The behavior is different between one planter with other plants. This condition can be used for most crops though not all.
2. The signs of planters too many waters are rotting roots and leaves do not grow or form soft lines and appear dry or rot.
contemporary planter image
contemporary planter Image by Weiland
3. For dehydration plants, slow leaf growth, brown leaf fronds and dry.

In caring for planters, the earliest step is to choose a pot. You need to select a container with a few exhaust holes. The function of the number of drain holes is very useful in potted plants because if too little or too much water can damage and kill plants.

1. Choose pots made of metal, plastic, and glass material that will absorb less water than ceramic or clay.
2. Insert a hollow plastic container called cachepot, if there is no waterhole at the bottom of the pot.
3. You need to choose the area of the house or around the living room where there is sunlight. Plants require sunlight to do photosynthesis. Quality, light intensity, and duration are very influential on plant growth.
4. If in the vicinity of the room do not get direct sunlight, use an alternate form of fluorescent lights you can choose.
5. Allow flowering plants to be exposed to sunlight for 12 to 16 hours per day.
6. Let the planters left and exposed to sunlight for 14 to 15 hours per day.

Ideas of Choosing Indoor Planter for The Living Room

Choosing a planter is not just a beautiful shape and color alone, but the fit between planters with the living room interior is very influential. Below there are examples of planters in the space that match the interior that makes you feel comfortable sitting for long there. Things you need to consider in choosing planters are:

A) Based on the type and function as indoor planters.

You can select flowering planters whose leaves can be enjoyed because of the beauty and color of the leaves, such as anthurium, sansevieria, and aglaonema.

B) Based on plant endurance.

Planters have the different tolerance to the environment. You need to pay attention to the type of plants that you will choose if your room is minimal circulation and the air is rather dry.

C) Based on plant care system.

Planters need a high intensity of the sun and select plants that have an easy maintenance system.

You can choose planters like Spider Plant or Planters. This species earned the nickname “The Death Dead” and you were busy while forgot to take care of this planters, no need to bother anymore. Because this plant does not need direct sunlight, therefore Spider Plant is very suitable for planters.

contemporary planter
Living room planter Image by Ecologia

Sansevieria is a plant that can absorb air pollutant toxins.
These planters act as an air purifier by absorbing and neutralizing pollutants in the air.

Indoor planter Image
Indoor planter Image by Wick

These plants can survive in places where there are less direct sunlight and the absence or lack of water.

Living Poom Planter Image
Living Poom Planter, Image by cantoni

The living room decorating with palm, a set of a single palm is a suitable because of its elegant.

Indoor Planter Image
Indoor Planter Image by suzane

This type of palm comes from China which has solitary and slim rods.

Indoor Contemporary Planter Image
Contemporary Planter Image by Huniford Design Studio

Choosing Azalea as some planters in the living room will have a positive impact on your health.

Indoor planter Image
Indoor planter Image by Leverone

Large contemporary planters, Pine trees have smog as eternal life. Selecting Scottish Pine or Swiss Pine will embellish your living room and keep guests there for long.

Living room with planter by Jessica
Living room with planter by Jessica

Choosing betel ivory to be used as contemporary indoor planters will give a positive impact for you.
In addition to minimalist, this plant can also clean the air around the room.

Living room planter
Indoor planter by Decorpro

Beauty, aroma, and form of this contemporary garden planters can bring a more calm and peaceful atmosphere. You can choose orchids, roses, jasmine flowers, and yellow flowers.

contemporary planter
Contemporary Planter by decorpro

Planters Haworthia you can choose to your living room does not seem monotonous.
In addition to easy care, this plant also takes a year to add height and match if used as contemporary indoor planters.


After knowing the benefits that exist in planters, it would be nice you, and some of your friends began enterprising to decorate the living room. In addition to the beauty of space, air health and comfort you will get from these planters. Because of planting and laying of planters around the house, whether inside or outside, the air that you often breathe will be maintained quality.

If you live in the crowd, there is nothing wrong if you start planting planters through vegetative propagation. You can choose multiplication by cuttings, grafts, grafting, tubers, and tillers. An easy technique is the technique of cuttings, bulbs, and seedlings because it is practical. The method of cuttings starts from cutting the stem and sticking, while the method of saplings you can choose from the contemporary planters ideas of planting.


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