9 Ideas to Decorate Modern Dining Room in Green Home

modern dining room
Image By CTA Architects Engineers

Talking about how to decorate a modern dining room, it refers to how the way you put the set of dining furniture together into modern decoration. It gives a different look to the homeowners.

Many concepts can be adapted to decorate the modern dining room. One of them is the green home concept. It is not the only concept with beautifying purpose, but it also has many benefits if applied to the dining room.

First, economic side—you will get lower cost because of recycled furniture using.
Second, economical energy, in this term you can choose some furniture which lower energy consumption to be placed in your dining areas.
Third, eco-friendly—this is the primary point of green home application. Besides, you will have the contribution to reduce pollution which is started at home.

How to decorate modern dining room with the green home combination? Here you will find the answer.

Look at the Criteria of Modern Dining Room in Green Home

Before going to How to Create a Modern Dining Room. The important thing that you need to know is the characteristic of modern dining room decorated in the green home. Reuse, reduce, and redesign those all the criteria you should meet in your decoration to be called green home.

• Reuse

It term refers to the utilization of older furniture as a decoration in the room. If you think that the new furniture will make your home look right, you are entirely wrong. By reusing older room set will give a new look. For example, you can apply antique porcelain to get the luxurious look. Because of that, start to see again in your home, perhaps there is some older furniture which can be used to decorate the dining room.

The reuse of old furniture which is still good can decrease your outcome. Besides that, it is eco-friendlier because don’t use new materials to make modern furniture.

• Reduce

This term refers to reduce rubbish product and other things that can damage our environment. As we know that, a plastic material is are not friendly to the environment. It has an adverse effect on a body in a long time. For example, if you use plate and spoon from plastic, it contains chemical substances that can react with food you eat in high temperature. Because of that, reducing plastic using will have the positive impact on the world. It starts at your home.

Also, you can do recycle to make the new ornament as dining decoration. For instance, some plastics glasses with little creativity can be changed to the tissue box, spoon place, and drinks tray. If you recycle some of the plastics rubbish, you help to reduce the rubbish production, and it is okay for the earth.

• Redesign

The redesign means using old furniture with a new look, or design. By adding a painting or drawing to the furniture, you will get a new look and it feels like have a new one. Don’t forget to apply paint with low or zero VOC to make it eco-friendlier.

Furthermore, you can also use reclaimed wood to make new dining furniture. You can utilize the wood pieces from your ex-house building with excellent quality. As we know that reclaimed wood has a good side to earth because of reducing logging.

If you use reclaimed wood, it means you have a contribution to the mother earth.

You will be more understood about the criteria of eco-friendly design and decoration in your dining room by the following explanation.

• Using of natural decoration

Your decoration should be natural to be called green home. You can combine your dining ornaments with tree or flower. This natural ornament will increase the quality of interior air at your house.

• Recycled

As we talk in the previous, recycled is essential to the earth. You can use wasting stuff to make unique furniture that can be used as decoration. Besides that, this is a lower budget.

• Using local product

There are many creative handicrafts that you can buy around your environment such as painting. By this way, you will have a contribution to support a local economy and pollution reducing.

• Energy economical

You can choose electronic equipment with eco-friendly to decorate your dining room. For example, using an eco-friendly lamp.
If your dining sets have the criteria like above, it means you already have green home decoration. But to gain the criteria above, you must do it with creativity and economist feeling.

With good ideas, you will get a unique view of your dining room. Besides that, economist feeling helps you to think any thoughts in doing recycling. In fact, the person with this sense will always find the way to economizing the cost, especially in decoration. The others never think about low budget instead of thinking about the earth.

9 Examples of Modern Dining Room in Green Home

Here will be showing some pictures of a modern dining room with a green home concept. You can take it as inspiration ideas to apply in your dining room. Look at closer.

1. A Royal View by The Sky is the Limit Design

Round dining table sets is a gorgeous design with the using of “tree-look” of table legs.

modern dining room
Image by The Skyisthelimitdesign

I really fall in love with the outdoor view, so natural. The combination of color gives a calm look, feeling so calm when looking at these sets. It is so green.

2. Cohen Residence by CTA Architects Engineers

The vintage view is already done here, with dining table sets perhaps use reclaimed wood that is so eco-friendly.

modern dining room
Image By CTA Architects Engineers

The decoration is so modern with furniture and the setting but still natural by nature painting on the wall. Also, the using of the transparent glass window, it brings us to nature by combining with the natural view outside.

3. Modern Design of Dining Sets by Abramson Teiger

White look from wall paint and dinette sets are very calming and refreshing. It is more amazing with mount view outside the home.

natural modern dining room
Image by Abramson Teiger Architects

Green look with tree legs look of the table mixed with plant ornament on it. The airy interior is so fresh I thought. The painting in the corner adds the difference like we are on another side of the earth.

4. Parisian Modern Flat – Pacific Heights by Sutro Architects

The lighting is so unique and natural. The using of white modern dining room sets is so inspired for the viewers. I like the way it sets together.

modern natural dining room
Image by Sutro Architects

I imagine if I dine here while enjoying the fresh air from outside. It is very far from pollution. I thought the homeowners would be healthier by using this decoration in their dining room.

5. Naturally Modern by Choice Wood Company

The vintage and natural are mixed here in a fantastic way.

natural dining room
Image by Choice Wood Company

The contemporary dining room sets use wood with the lighting. They are all very calming. Illumination from the tiny and so cute lamp set is beautiful. I will love to spend my time here.

6. Bellevue Hill Sydney by Rudolfson Alliker Associated Architects

The natural look comes from round dining room sets by using wood and also the color of its floor.

modern dining room
Image by DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL

The first thing in my mind is the fresh air from outside. It will be very refreshing to be here. The green view is coming from the ornament on the table too. Its look supports go green.

7. Lovell Residence by Quezada Architecture

Contemporary looks with all furnished wooden dining table sets make a country living.

modern dining room
Image by Quezada Architecture

Almost all the sets use reclaimed wood I thought. While the color choosing brings us to the vintage situation, the wood material is very eco-friendly. But, for me, it should be set to wooden dining room tables to make it match with the lamp shape.

8. The GO Home Passive House by GO LOGIC

The table set use reclaimed wood which is very supported go green. A natural look is also appearing from the tree ornament in the corner of the dining room.

modern natural dining room
Image by GO LOGIC

Or as the alternative, you can choose an oval dining table shape that is unique and gives the different view. The color matching is very calming and chic. I like it. Wait, I will not skip the lazy chair in the corner too. In my mind, if you sit there while enjoying the natural view outside you will fall asleep soon because it gives cool sensation mix with fresh air inside.

9. Urrutia Design by Urrutia Design

A modern look from the dark blue color applied to the modern dining table sets. The reclaimed is also used on the top of the table.

Modern dining room
Image by Urrutia Design

The brown color mixed with dark blue give a different look than the others. The placing of plants in the corner and on the table gives you green and natural looks. This set is very suitable for dining time with family members.

To sum up, it is pretty enough the explanation about How to Create a Modern Dining Room. Now, you already know how many benefits to applying this decoration in your dining room.

For me, the best is to use reclaimed wood as go green support with much quality and unique view. It is your time to think about the ideas above. Hopefully, you can find the best option to choose which is suitable to your home characteristics.


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