Modular homes can be your new option at this time. Now, it is the more popular option than having manufactured homes. Besides, modular homes are less expensive compared to manufactured homes. In many ways, modular homes offer more benefits for the owner. Even many modular home providers give you affordable cost to work with them. At this time, it is something possible to have affordable modular homes.

Today, we are going to talk about what is a modular home, the benefits of having the modular home and the last is why modular home is much better for the environment. We also give you the complete information about things to consider when it comes to choosing the modular home providers. At the end of this article, we complete it by providing the list of affordable modular home providers with its pros and cons.

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Affordable Modular Homes – What Is That?

All modular homes are constructed in sections. It reminds you of a factory setting, yet they are indoors. The provider covers the finished products and then transports them to a new location. There, the builder is waiting to resemble. We can say that it is not the same as a mobile home. In another word, a home that is constructed off-site, not on-site. Also, it is known as system-built, prefabricated homes or factory-built.

Can I build affordable modular homes? Of course, you can. Modular homes are cheaper than site-built homes. It is because the building time is shorter. Therefore, you can save more money during the construction. It is not necessary to have home inspections because the constructions are done in the factory.

Furthermore, affordable modular homes are available with more energy-efficient than site-built homes. It means that you are going to have less monthly expenses. They are also available with eco-friendly design. Since the design options are quite many, it allows you pick the best one according to your budget. Besides, you can expand the modular homes at any time.

Affordable modular homes can be done in just a few weeks, not take many months. It is almost impossible to come with on-site delays because of bad weather. Modular homes provide a better solution than traditional on-site residences, especially for the rules, guidelines, and the building codes.

Recognizing modular homes is easy. It is because all modular homes have a small metal tag on its outside, in the bedroom closets, or kitchen cabinets. If not, the tag can be found in the electrical panel box. Most tags come with the manufacturing date.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Modular Homes?

As we already mentioned above, green modular homes are more affordable. The short-time construction helps you save more money. You do not have to spend any buck to pay for the home inspections, as well. It is because it is built in a factory, in few weeks and it is complete. Amazingly, there are no weather delays during the construction. Once it is complete, the provider then transports the home to the permanent location you have prepared.

Besides, the energy efficient modular homes design is enough to cut the monthly expenses. The eco-friendly design is the key to more benefits. You can choose many designs, and you can still expand it at anytime you want.

The best benefit for those who pick eco-friendly modular homes is that the design. At this time, many people thought that all designs of modular homes look alike. Well, that is wrong. In fact, modular homes come with unlimited designs. It is possible for you to create any style as you wish, from traditional, colonial, Mediterranean, to other styles. In another word, you can build your dream house.

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Why Are Modular Homes Better For The Environment?

Called as a green home, modular homes are designed to be sustainable and eco-friendly. The concern is on the efficient use of the building materials such as steel modular homes, energy, and water. Besides, these homes can produce less waste compared to traditional homes. Modular homes go with less water and energy, with the improved indoor air quality. Moreover, the conventional materials to use are recycled, used or sustainable. Even most modular homes get various types of certifications from related organizations as the evidence, for example, the US Green Building Council.

Even if you are living in a small modular home, the design comes with energy efficient system, including the water heating, space cooling, and heating, as well as electricity. Therefore, you need a home energy assessment to conduct anytime you have a plan to build modular homes.

By having assessments in your small modular cabins, it helps you to understand about the energy used in a home. At the time, it also helps you determine the way to cut the energy consumption and the costs.

It does not matter at all if you choose cheap modular homes since most modular homes also have energy efficient system approach. It means that all interactions, variables, and details of the effective energy use are carefully considered. The air sealing, insulation, space cooling and heating, windows and doors, water heating are some of the examples. Other than that, the lighting, the appliances, and the climate are the part of the considerations. Therefore, we can say that modular homes come with an energy audit to make sure that the house has a complete approach to offer eco-friendly design.

How To Choose The Best Modular Home Providers

Even though you are planning to have one of the cheapest modular homes, you cannot think everything carelessly. It is important to decide which modular providers that you are going with. Next, you also have to choose the location to build your home and pick out the modular home types, as you want. Remember that not all modular providers are the same.
Below, we provide you the guideline so you can pick the right vendor/manufacturer.

1.Understand about the type that you need

When choosing a provider, make sure whether or not they can create the kind of the modular home you are looking for. Mostly, large providers have few standard floor plans for each style such as Two Story, Chalet, Colonial, Cape Cod, Ranch, and Mansion homes. If you want to build modest modular homes in modern design, of course, you need a specialty provider/manufacturer. It is because most providers do not build modern homes.

2.Know the location of the vendor/manufacturer

You should also know the location of the provider. Some large providers have about eight to nine factories in U.S. and Canada, but most only have one or two. If you choose a provider based on their factory location, it helps you to go for a tour to see the construction process, and to cut the cost of sending the modules to your construction site.

3.Know the partner of your provider/manufacturer

Even to construct low-cost modular homes, provider/manufacturer mostly has few partnerships with several appliance companies. They cooperate with them in the needs of home fixtures, home appliances, and other things. Some providers offer you with the option of using different companies for the appliance. However, going with the partnership also means significant savings. Before accepting the provider, make sure that they are cooperating with well-known partners. Remember that your home should get a good quality of appliances from the partners. In short, if you want high-quality appliances, but the providers only cooperate with low-end or middle brands, you have to spend more money to get the brands you want.

4.The size

It is better for you to consider about the size of the modular provider. The benefits of working with a bigger modular home provider are that they help you to reduce the cost of common materials and they offer a one-stop-shop system for the purchase. Meanwhile, if you go with a smaller provider/manufacturer, you get their personal attention and guidance.

5. Work with large vendors/manufacturers

You get some benefits if you choose a large provider. First, a large provider has more bargaining power to get bigger discounts from their corporate partnerships. It is because they can make more massive amount of orders. Automatically, they can offer cheaper cost than small providers.
Besides, larger providers also work with banks. They can help you to get a good mortgage, recommend builders around your area, and others. Even they can support you with general contracting services.


You can make several changes to the standard plans given by every modular provider, but they cannot help you to build a custom home. If you want this, make sure that you are working with a well-experienced provider. It means they should have one architect to handle this job.

7.Take a tour

The best way to decide the best provider is by taking a visit to the factory floor. You can check their way to complete the process. If possible, ask them about a sample home around that you can view. Alternatively, you can ask whether they have old customers to talk about the building process. Compare a brand new home and a home that is 10 years old to see their real work.

The List Of Affordable Modular Homes Providers

If you agree that modular homes cheaper than a traditional home and you have a plan to build it, that is great. Here, we offer you the list of the affordable modular homes providers/manufacturers you can work with.

1.Irontown Homes

A modular home provider works from Colorado to the Pacific. It shows its quality, 30-years of experience, and focuses on building energy-efficient homes.
Contact: (801) 798-9026

modular homes by iron homes
Menlo park photo courtesy Ironhome


  • Provides a wide range of home options based on buyers’ needs.
  • They can build classic to two-story homes, rustic to most modern designs.
  • Works with architects


  • A customer wrote in Yelp that he had worst experience with their service (pay 100% up front, the delivery was late, and the parts were back-ordered)

2. Blu Homes

A modular home provider that is able to create high-end modern style design. They are available with low price modular homes, and they show the details of all costs.
Contact: (866) 887-7997

modular homes by Bluhomes Cabana
photo courtesy: Bluhomes Cabana


  • Constructing homes for any climate
  • Shipping available nationwide
  • One of the manufacturers that can create sheds and garages for your house.


  • Small design options

We found no big complaints related to Blu Homes as you could see in this Blue Homes review.

3.Modular Direct

You can go with this provider if you seek for a company that offers large different options of home styles. They can build classic home style and apply standard customization on a regular home. Besides, they are also able to create custom homes.
Contact: (800) 310-5161

modular homes by modular direct
cape photo by modular-direct


  • Provides Energy Star Certification, means 20-30% of more energy efficient compared to the standard homes.
  • Able to install additional products and services without changing the layout of your floor plan

Cons:  NO
This review is enough to say that there is nothing wrong with this provider.

4.Champion Homes

As one of the largest modular manufacturers in the worldwide, it can build a custom home from the beginning. It has extensive customization choices even for standard floor plans, including modular homes cheap.
Contact: (910) 893-5713



  • Acquire few other providers who have quit (Moduline Industries, SRI Homes, and Caledonian Building Systems)
  • Manufacturer for multifamily homes, military modular homes, and commercial buildings
  • Offer the option of constructing passive solar panels to homes.


  • Although some Champion Homes reviews were satisfied, two reviewers explained about the additional amounts charged, too long to build, and hidden costs.

5.Nationwide Homes

It offers the choice of “turnkey” modular home to build. It means that they will deliver a 100% complete home with the interior finishing and the design. We can say that it can be a good choice for smaller modular homes.
Contact: (800) 216-7001

modular homes osprey-by-eco-cottages
osprey photo by eco cottages


  • Great experience since 1959
  • Able to construct standard customizable homes and fully custom homes
  • They can build in various climates
  • They offer comfortable homes in various styles.


  • You still need a general contractor to complete the “buttoning up” process.

Well, you have five options to pick modular home providers. Remember that it is more than just finding a provider that can give you lowest price modular homes. You should focus on what you need and what you will get with the money.


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