Best Wall Mounted Vanities For Small Bathrooms

Wall Mounted Vanities For Small Bathrooms
Wall Mounted Modern Vanitiy

Best Wall Mounted Vanities For Small Bathrooms – Wall mounted vanities for small bathrooms can be your best solution to maximize the space you have there. They can be attractive and accomplished multi-tasker to hold your sink and hide the plumbing.

You are provided to keep the storage in the cabinets, drawers, and also countertops. For small bathroom, 50 square feet or less is best idea to spare additional cabinetry. Here are some inspirations for you which one better bathroom vanity designs for small bathroom.

Recommended Wall Mounted Vanities for Small Room

Well, you must be knowing IKEA manufacturer, right? They are really gorgeous producing high quality bathroom vanity such this one which is called 9 scaled-down vanity. It costs about $379, but you may check again if you can get less price. It is mini vanity which provides you two drawers.

In this situation, you still have another option in selecting bathroom vanity. Mirror-like surface is such contemporary vanity for helping you to expand and brighten your small bathroom. This 17-inch stainless steel is paired with accessories and contemporary faucet. It costs about $559.

Wall Mounted Vanities For Small Bathrooms
Wall Mounted Vanity

When it comes in really small space, you are provided metal framed wood cabinet which perfectly looks modern and traditional bathroom vanity. It allows you to place your towels and also accessories in one storage. The price is around $900. Meanwhile, you can choose simple but brilliant additional tower bar in your vanity.

It is also from IKEA production by the budget of $1,379 to purchase one unit. This is smart and new trend wall mounted vanity which is crafted by red oak venerees features with sliding drawers. It is completed with hand towel rack on each side of this cabinet.

Wall Mounted Vanities For Small Bathrooms
Wall Mounted Modern Vanitiy

If you want simpler bathroom vanity, you are able to choose modular options. It is designed just to fit any of space in your bathroom. It has three different sizes and also drawer bridges. Otherwise, you can choose another option. Maximize your small bathroom with corner bathroom vanity designs.

It is perfect for tiny space that is shallow and narrow as your storage for keeping towels. This type of vanity is framed with door and drawer frames. It is also splayed legs and beautiful arched apron. You need $759 to get one unit.

Solid wood vanity in a shape of reminiscent of a conga drum is available for you as well. It gives you a workaround for small space with narrow base. The style is open-door curved cabinet which is completed with a glass shelf for toiletries and towels storage.

The cost is around $1,525. It’s quiet expensive but you deserve high quality of bathroom vanities. Well, IKEA also produces customizable vanity in style of wall mounted, too. It is mounted to the right and left –hand side that can give you more space in mini vanities. The material is still oak wood.

Wall Mounted Vanities For Small Bathrooms
Wall Mounted Vanities

So, you should know firstly about the detailed information from the products before doing purchase. It is necessary to measure your bathroom size to match with your new bathroom vanity. Wall mounted bathroom vanities for small bathrooms are available in a wide range of designs, styles, and also prices. Hope you can enjoy finding the best vanity for your bathroom.


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