Change Your Interior Look with Reclaimed Wood Dining Table ideas

dark colored reclaimed wood table
Reclaimed Wood Table by Jessica

Talking about dining room is the area in which more personal in the house. There are many tools which are associated with its furniture. For example, dining table and eating equipment. This room is one of the essential parts that should be decorated.

The decoration somehow can give influence to its occupants. It can increase a mood whether good or bad feeling when dining times, it is according to the interior look. Reclaimed Wood Dining Table can be your next choice to decorate your lovely dines. Reclaimed wood as its name refers to the restored wood activity in which has been used before.

Taking advantageous from the wood pieces on purpose to make something new. We can say that it is the activity to recycle the old wood to the new piece of wood. For instance: wood reclaimed of the ship, from the railway track, wood pieces from wood fabric, etc. those will be the lovely decoration in your house, such as; in the dining room.

The Benefits of Using Reclaimed Wood

There are lots of ways to add the beautiful look to your room especially in dining room. One of them is using recycled wood as explained above which is called reclaimed wood. Reclaimed lumber for decorating purpose is now very popular to the entire world.

Some of the interior designers use this kind of material because of the result is fantastic and uncommon. Reclaimed Wood Dining Table can be the best option for you. Furthermore, applying reclaimed wood in your dining room can give many benefits.

1. Eco-friendly

By using reclaimed wood, you will safe mother-earth because it will reduce the number of illegal logging and continuing wood usage. Recycling can save the sources of wood in this world. As we know that wood is significant for the future. It means you will have the contribution for the next generation life.

2. Economist

To make new furniture, you only need to reproduce the old wood from the fabric or old building. It will save your outcome because the prize is lower than the other materials. But you will get good result of your dining furniture.

3. Unique Pattern

Some say that reclaimed wood of ship has the unique pattern. It is so exotic and beautiful. You will have the different view in your dining room by using this kind of wood.

4. High Quality

The quality of reclaimed wood can compete with another material. Although, it comes from old timber the quality is not worst. It means that your dining furniture will be a long life.

5. Warm and Cozy

As we know that wood material can give the warm feeling to the room interior. It is good to use in the country which has the winter season. You will feel so warm and cozy in your dining room.

Reclaimed Wood Influence Your Feeling

Through reclaimed wood, you can make the different view in your dining room. You can use this material as a table, chair, wall, and floor. The material will give the futuristic and exotic view in your dining interior. With flooring, the room effect will be more impressive.

If you prefer to make something smaller, a dining table idea with reclaimed usage will become a beautiful centerpiece of look. For the guess that comes to your house, the watch can give welcome feeling furthermore in a dining area. If they feel welcome from the beginning, they will be cozy and homey too.

Have a look at some pictures below which use the reclaimed wood material.

1. White Dutch Apartment by Loise de Miranda

Reclaimed Wood Dining Table
Reclaimed Wood Table by Louise de Miranda

Look at the interior design here. It is cool, isn’t it? This is perfect for girls’ squad. The Christmas ornament gives another look. You will feel so close to the Christmas day. Perhaps, you will miss your family if you dine here.

2. Aspen way by Avalon Interiors

Reclaimed Dining Table
Reclaimed Dining Table by Avalon

This interior applies vintage view. They use reclaimed solid wood dining table material on the floor and table which is mixed with the leather chair. It gives an old look to the room, moreover from the candlelight upside. This look provides much warmth impression.


3. Chicago Urban Modern by Urban Wood Goods

Reclaimed Wood Dining Table Image
Reclaimed Wood Dining Table by Urban Wood

The look of this rustic dining room table area is simple but cool. The color of the furniture is the contrast but match one another. There are some parts use reclaimed wood here, such as; top of the table, bench, wall, and floor. I like the combination of wood materials and brick walls. It makes perfect. If you spend your dining times here, perhaps you will feel like in the cafe.

4. Hilltop House by Jordan Iverson Signature House

Reclaimed Wood Table Image
Reclaimed Wood Table by Jordan

The color choice of the reclaimed rustic wood dining table is very exotic; it adds more impression to the interior. Perhaps, if you dine here, you will love to pay attention around. To the wall also, because the pattern wood used is a unique mix of the small lamps. Perfect.

5. Prior Lake Custom Home by AMEK Builders

Reclaimed Dining Table Image
Reclaimed Dining Table by AMEK Custom Builders

First impressive here comes from the pattern of the floor. It looks like moving alone; it is a gorgeous design. The interior is luxurious with the lamp upside. The using of reclaimed wood on the piece side wall adds the premium sense to the room.

6. Contemporary House in Tulse Hill by Gregory Davis

reclaimed dining table top
Dining Room by Gregory Davis

The interior color here dominated by white reclaimed wood. The cozy feeling is closer when we look at the combination of all furniture in this farmhouse dining table. The light from upside gives enough space to be comforted. Even at night, this room will be cleared to see. Having a place like this is charming.


7. New Leaf by Sarah Greenman

Rustic reclaimed dining table
Image by Sarah Greenman

This dining interior design is suitable for enjoying the family times while dining. Placing kitchen and dining is a smart choice. The way its furniture combined is very excellent. The reclaimed wood material gives more impressive to the room.

8. Franklin Street Loft by Jane Kim Design

Rustic Table Image
Dining Room Image by Jane Kim

The placing of rustic dining table set in the center makes this dining room look hot and cozy. You will like to dine here while enjoy talking with your family. The color applying is perfect from the floor, the wall, and the panel upside.  You know what? You will feel like looking at the sunrise on the beach. So adorable.

9. Fuhlam by MDSX Contractors Ltd

reclaimed wood dining table
Dining Table Image by MDSX

Look at to the view outside. This is going to be great if in your house. Reclaimed wood applied on the table and floor, give a comfortable look. The ghost chair increases the level of interior design. Dining with your beloved one while enjoying the backyard view is very lovely

10. Max by Les Constructions Montagne Art

solid wood dining table
Dining Room Image by Les Constructions

The natural color of wood that used as the top of the table gives vintage effect to the room. All combinations can increase cozy feeling. While sitting here, you will love to take a deep breath because of the natural view outdoor. It will be so refreshing to be here.

11. Old Bernard House by Feldman Architecture, Inc.

round wood dining table
Dining Room Image by Feldman Architecture

The wood material placing is matching one another. It gives a new look to the white painted room. But actually, the bar is still high, and it will not comfort if there is a kid that join in dining.

12. Eclectic Dining Room by Foundre Made

eclectic dining room
Eclectic Dining Room by Foundre

The interior of this room is very cool with mixing colors of reclaimed wood materials on the wall. But for me, this is perhaps more suitable as a reading room and relaxing room. It is because of the rack on the left side and also the warmth impression from the light on the table. I will love to stay here a long day and read many books.

13.Portland Traditional Dining Room by Tracy Herbert Interiors, LLC

reclaimed wooden table
Reclaimed Wooden Table by Tracey

The traditional look is awe-inspiring. The chair together with the table is unique. Fresh air comes from the window will be nice while dining. But, I think the ornament on the table is too much. We cannot eat with free space if like that. Moreover, the way its furniture altogether is beautiful.

14. Reclaimed Barn Wood Home by Urban Woods Company

dark colored dining room set
Dining Room Set by Urban Woods

This room looks very exotic and luxurious. The furniture is not too much; it is simple but impressive. The color of reclaimed wood of wall mixed with the furniture color looks to match. And I like the lamp. For me, it will be better if the color of the furniture is white.

15. Brush Prairie House by Jessica H Interior Design

dark colored reclaimed wood table
Reclaimed Wood Table by Jessica

Here Jessica put the dark color of reclaimed wood to the table and the floor with a mixed color of the wood. Meet with the white walls and its ornament, make this dining room look perfect match. If you have lot’s family members, you will be suitable to have this dining room design.

16. Vancouver Vintage Modern Loft by the MACNABs

rustic dining table set
Reclaimed Dining Table by The Macnabs

The way its furniture is put together is adorable. It will be delightful to dine while talking with others. The combination of color is very soft. I like the blue color.

17. 19 Peak Eight Circle by Pinnacle Mountain Homes

rustic dining room table
Reclaimed Wood Chairs and Table Image by Pinnacle

This dining room interior looks very futuristic. The reclaimed wood used is even unique. The outdoor view is perfect while dining. I will love to spend much time in this room, not only to eat perhaps read a book or do homework. It is so refreshing, isn’t it?

After reading some inspirations in dining room interior by using a reclaimed wood material, maybe you will think to change your interior soon. The idea Reclaimed Wood Table Top can become your next planning to be. It is the best choice because of benefits within. Not only can beautify your room but it can influence your life ahead. Don’t you think so?


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