Easy Ways of Painting Bathroom Vanity [Before And After TIPS]

How to paint bathroom vanity correctly
Painting Bathroom Vanities Before And After

Easy Ways of Painting Bathroom Vanity – Hello, homeowners! Are you planning to redo your bathroom this time? Well, painting bathroom vanity before and after may give you inspirations and ideas to maximize your task. Updating bathroom is never ending just changing wall color or light fixtures.

It is your time to move to another point that is painting the vanity. It is surely giving more power in your bathroom. However, do you already know what you need to paint vanity? We’ll tell you in this article and hope you like it.

How To Paint Bathroom Vanity Correctly and Beautifully

It has come the time to paint but you need tools and materials first before painting the vanity. Fine, you can paint wherever it is in the bathroom or out of the bathroom. If your space is small, it is better to paint in out of the room.

How to paint bathroom vanity correctly? Wait, you need painting supplies such as high-density foam roller, alkyd semi-gloss enamel paint, painters tape, foam brush, and trim depending on the length of your cabinets.

Painting Bathroom Vanity
Prepare for Material

In addition, you also need 180-grit or 220-grit of sandpaper, grease cutting detergent, and mineral spirits. Meanwhile, the materials are including wood putty if you have, 1 gallon of Valspar latex paint, Valspar interior latex primer, and also Zinsser B-I-N shellac if you have, too. The paint colors may be varied in each market. You should be careful in selecting the color paint.

Well, we come at this stage to prepare the painting bathroom vanity. The first is removing the cabinet doors, drawers, and any attached hardware on your vanity. Then, wash all the surfaces of vanity to be painted using detergent you’ve prepared above.

Remember, you have mineral spirits to remove an adhesive residue. Remove any gloss with 220-grit sandpaper and then apply latex primer to the bare spots. Be sure the surface is ready to pain after primer dries.

How to paint bathroom vanity correctly
Painting Bathroom Vanity

Now is painting prime to the surface of vanity. A gloss paint needs a smoother application. If you want shading vanity colors, you need stickiness of shellac primer you’ve prepared as well by brushing and rolling on the two coats. If you have finished in this step, just go to the second coat of primer and let them dry overnight.

The last is the main purpose here that is painting the vanity. Well, you need paint first coat and let it dry. To protect the surfaces from daily use, you should add two additional coats until dry. Don’t forget drill the holes in cabinet doors also the drawers if you need new hardware and then screw them pulls to the position.

How to paint bathroom vanity correctly
Painting Bathroom Vanities Before And After

You are recommended to reinstall the door hinges and fasten the door loosely on the cabinet frames. In this case, you should adjust the door positions as if you want two facing doors design. You better use the ginges till the door frame edges are tightened.

Well, finally replace the drawers till they slide open easily. Then, add new cabinet bumpers before replacing the countertop with a sink faucet if just you need it. As you see in the picture of painting bathroom vanity before after, it is done smoothly. Hope you get inspiration and good luck!


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