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Eco-friendly toilets are prior in many homes. At this time, we are facing the fact of uncontrolled environment degradation. We have to deal with the pollution in our environment, and we only have scarce resources right now. We should save more water and now, our great concern is on how to stop the water wastage.

Eco-friendly toilets provide an easy and a quick way to save water.

Eco-friendly toilets support you to reduce the water bill. However, the most important, it helps natural resources. By this reason, eco-friendly toilet offers the quick solution to deal with the water wastage.

Eco-friendly toilet likely is the ideal choice to replace the conventional toilets on the market.  There are some reasons we need to know why we have to leave the standard toilets. This idea even can change our future and life.

Why Conventional Toilets Are Not Recommended

Conventional toilets are available with its pros and cons. It depends on the model and type that you use. The essential part of the standard toilet is on how you can maintain the toilet and the drainpipes. The conventional low-flow toilets can clog easier compared to medium or high-flow toilets. Also, if you use the regular incinerating toilet, it can provide you waterless toilets for the home so you can reduce the water bills for a long time. However, it works with electric heating devices that once the power goes out for some periods, this kind of toilet cannot dispose of the waste.

If you go to the conventional portable toilets, not all of them come with sinks so that it sounds impossible to wash your hands after finishing your private needs. There are some problems may find in the conventional toilets, such as the waste disposal that does not work properly. When your child accidentally drops his toy down to the toilet, it leads a clog. It makes an overflow for the septic tanks, break the toilet handle, and raise the water levels. Those are the risks if you do not use an environmentally friendly toilet.

Why Eco-Friendly Toilets Are Better Than Conventional Toilets

For modern homes, all conveniences are what we need including the plumbed toilet. Many of us also able to install standard plumbing do not want to deal with the complicated permitting agencies. Others may think that it that the easiest option is for having a boathouse, garage, workshop and even guest cabin. The environment-friendly toilet is also a sensitive case for those who are living near lakes. They have more demand on how to keep their septic systems healthy.
By those reasons, an environmentally friendly toilet is a practical and economical solution for all homeowners.

Types of Eco-Friendly Toilets And The Price

There are certain kinds of eco toilets to know. Below, we provide you the list:

Waterless Toilets

There are two types of waterless toilets, which can be composting or incinerating toilets. Speaking of composting toilets, it is one of the environmentally friendly toilets goes with a natural composting process to break down the waste into a nutrient rich soil. It requires little and even zero water since it runs on batteries or electricity. There are some benefits of using composting toilets as below:

  • Reduce your water bills
  • Affordable to install and maintain
  • Self-contained design to a separate composting mechanism
  • Some of them need a power source for heat or ventilation

It is a good option for you if you do not mind to clean out the composting tray periodically.
Move to incinerating toilets with the use of electric heat to burn the waste into a small ash. The owners must empty this one of most water efficient toilets occasionally. It does not need water or additives. It only works with electricity.

The benefits of using incinerating toilets are below:

  • Reduce your water bills
  • Affordable to install and maintain
  • Turn the waste into ash

We can say that those environmentally friendly toilets are enough to bring a huge difference in our life. When we do not have to waste water is possible, why not?
COST: $203 to more than $1,000.

Dual Flush Toilets

It is a toilet with more technology design than others. How do dual flush toilets work? It has a lever on its side. Some model goes with a push button system located on the top of its tank. The bar or the button lets you make a choice. When you push one button, it can flush liquid waste with the use of 8 gallons of water. Other one works for solid waste with the need for 1.6 gallons.
There are some examples available on the market when it comes to Enviro flush toilet.

Sydney Smart 305 Dual Flush Toilet can be your first choice. It is a high-efficiency, one-piece toilet with Waterwise Technologies. COST: $343.95

Kohler Persuade Toilet can be the alternative. It is a sleek and high-efficiency dual-flash toilet eco. It has top-mounted flushing button and an elongated bowl. COST: $328.35

The Low-Flow Toilets

Low-Flow toilets have the same flushing service as other older toilets. The difference is it only uses 1.6 gallons per flush. As we know that, the older toilets need 6 gallons of water per flush. Therefore, it can be a better alternative as eco-friendly toilets. It is good for those who still need a water-driven toilet, not incinerating or composting model.

The benefits of using low-flow toilets are it saves more space with the compact and tankless design that can deal with tight spaces such as under stairways or lofts.
The example of a low-flow toilet is Toto Neorest AH. It is one of Toto eco toilets, presented in the new design to offer high comfort and excellent environmental issues. This tankless toilet only takes 5.5 liters of water, not 13 liters of water like the conventional toilet pot. It goes with a hybrid design to let it uses water from the external sources and the toilet tank. It is one of the eco-friendly toilets with a warm water feature to clean the user with the dry and warm air. COST: $4,025.00

Reusable Water Toilet

To make sea water potable is expensive and difficult. We have no choice, instead of using products that can save water. No one can imagine about the absence of water in the future.  Ariel Roja, the industrial designer, gave us a great example through eco-friendly toilets.
The product name is Tlalock, one of the unique eco flush toilets you can find with the use of gray water for its toilet flush. The toilet has a sink fixed over the flush tank to collect the gray water. This design makes it possible to save about 83% of clean water.
They claimed that the eco flush toilet in this system can save 17,520 liters of water per year.

Eco Toilet With Shower

The designer of the eco toilet is Alison Norcott. The concept is a little bit similar to the gray water in flushing system. The difference is that it has a shower to collect the water, not sink. This feature keeps the water hygiene and cleanliness. The surface coating has an antibacterial design. It is one of the eco-friendly toilets with an automatic lid closing system to shut off the system while flushing. COST: unknown.

Description: Eco-friendly toilets are what we need in the future. Leaving the conventional toilets can change our life, reduce water bills and save our environment.


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