tylish and beautiful decorating on a budget isn’t impossible. By utilizing imagination, creativity and some effort to repurpose older furniture, a gorgeous home that expresses your unique personality can be achieved. Whether re-purposing furniture you already own, purchasing pieces of furniture from thrift stores or garage sales, or even discarded items, you have only the boundaries of imagination to limit your home’s décor as the following five examples will demonstrate.

Mismatched Table and Chairs :

furniture repurpose
table and chair mismatched

Having random pieces of furniture donated to you is one of the most common occurrences when furnishing your home on a budget. Almost all of us have experienced having a dining table with several random and unmatched chairs. This can easily be changed from a sad looking jumble to a quirky and stylish dining set with just a few dollars of paint and matching cushions. By using enamel paint to paint the table black, then paint the mismatched chairs white and add cushions in a stylish black and white plaid, you have a sophisticated look for your dining room.

Un-needed Coffee Tables :

Two extra coffee tables are easily converted into a four shelf bookcase by simply sawing them in half, length-wise. Sand, the cut edges, paint all four halves to match, stack the halves and secure the table halves to the wall with inexpensive utility brackets for a unique and whimsical bookcase.

Crib Mattress :

Looking for a new purpose for a crib mattress? Combined with two block shaped small cabinets and a cool fabric cover your crib mattress will become a window seat when placed in front of the window of your choice. Instead of the bookcases, you can also use two sturdy coffee tables with a plank painted to match and cut to fit the mattress.

Extra Dining Chairs :

A collection of two or three mismatched chairs you don’t need for the dining room can quickly be turned into a bench for the living room. First, give the chairs a new coat of paint then place the chairs next to each other before nailing on a plank cut to the length of the chairs. Next, make a padded fabric cushion for the bench in a coordinating fabric with the new paint color and then display the additional seating.

Abandoned Dresser :


furniture repurpose
Abandoned Dresser

Take that old furniture that has a missing drawer and turns it into an entertainment center. Remove enough drawers to create a space large enough to display your TV set then remove any runners or cross pieces that would block the TV. If needed, brace the sides and back of the dresser. Now you have an entertainment center for almost no cost, with a fresh coat of paint and light sanding

The appearance of your re-purposed furniture is entirely dependent upon your own taste and choices. Whether you choose to create a sleek monochromatic scheme or a whimsical scheme, you’ll create a beautiful home that is uniquely yours, and you’ll have done it with little expense.

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