Tropical Landscape is a great idea comes to homeowners who like to see the natural view at home every day. Making a garden whether in front or behind your house is very lovely.

There so many people love the concept like this to be applied. But it is not easy because the design should be rearranged with full of concept and estimation.

How you set the concept will determine the result whether good or not. Estimation is crucial too, such as the material choosing which suit your budget to make your tropical garden comes true.

In this fine occasion, you will be lead to all you have to know about the tropical garden. It is including the benefit, characteristics, planning, and maintaining.

The Benefit of Tropical Landscape

Through Tropical Plants which planted in the garden beside can make your home view different. It also has some benefits that almost cannot be compared with another concept which is commonly applied.

Look closer at the following picture and benefits of gardening:

Tropical Landscape
Image by Craig Reynolds Landscape

• Natural view

Gardening with tropical backyard decor will bring the natural view to your house. Implement some huge plants like palm to get the natural feel. Besides that, adding a small fish pond will make it adorable.

It is better if you spend times with family or beloved one while enjoying the tropical garden in the backyard. The plants you plant should be palm and its family.

• Fresh air

Beside natural view, another reason to go plants for a tropical garden is fresh air. In the city, the most problem that usually happened is the quality of the air is not too good. That is because of pollution and less of plants.

By gardening around your house, it will provide fresh air for you. Automatically your air quality will be increased day by day.

• Reduce stress

Some people become stress because of daily routine, whether working or doing another job which can increase pressure. Some studies show that spending time in the garden, enjoying the nature and fresh air can reduce stress feeling.

Stay connect with nature is the best way to solve stress, bored, and tired from routines.

• Improved health

The tropical garden will improve body health by its fresh air. If the quality of air around the house is good, It means you will get healthy body and mind.

Walking around can transfer positive effect throughout your body. It can improve sleep, and body relaxing from many activities.

• Go green

One of the world campaigns of go green. It is to reduce the negative effect from human activities toward earth. By gardening, you will have good contribution to support go green. It is essential to protect planet especially your environment.

Tropical Garden Characteristics

Here will be shown some characteristics with pictures that you can choose to implement at your own tropical garden.

1. Bright colors

tropical outdoor plants
Image by Grants Gardens

This picture shows the using bright colors of landscape plants in its design. Your garden looks very nice and inevitable for anyone by choosing garden flowers to fill it.

Canna blossom is a good idea to plant in the garden. The combination of many bright colors really shapes your tropical garden become so cozy. The view will make your stay longer and spend more time to enjoy it. Lovely!

2. Big plants

tropical landscape plants
Image by Rick Ryniack architects

The next characteristic of the tropical garden is the big plants over there. You can choose garden trees such as palm and bamboo to fill the garden.

This kind of plants surely will shape the tropical garden at your outdoor. Don’t forget to make the pathways in the middle of the landscape.

3. Lush and natural

tropical backyard decor
Image by Ahbi Land

Plants should look natural and bring the natural view to the viewers. Rather than shaping your plants, you have to let the plants growing lush to shape the natural landscape.

It will become exotic garden plants. But it doesn’t mean letting them growing wild like in the jungle. Keep pay attention to the plants maintaining.

4. Foliage

tropical outdoor plants
Image by Impression Landscape

Making the tropical garden by choosing large leaf plants will give different layout. These garden design ideas will add feel to your garden. The style is also unique and inevitable.

You can put the lazy chair that faces the garden to get relaxing sensation from the natural view and fresh air.

Tropical Landscape Plans at Your House

There are many ways to make your landscape become lovely. Choosing its design can suit your house character. But plans before implementing some elements to fill your garden is a must.

If you think the tropical garden is good and wants to implement it in your backyard, it is better to have planned before going to it.

By planning and understand the way to make it comes true you can estimate what garden design plans and the budget that you should prepare.

• Pay Attention To The Climate And Soil Type

tropical garden design
Tropical Landscape

The climate is the first consideration in planning the tropical garden. Choosing garden trees have to be suitable for the weather in your area.

Sometimes, many plants can grow in the hot temperature, and the other will be dead. There are several plants can grow lushly in the extreme climate, but the other cannot like that.

If you live in the area which has the winter season, plant delicate ones on a pot and then transplant them to the ground but add much cover. The other important thing is to check the soil type before choosing the plants.

Here some tips to create the tropical garden in non-tropical location:

1) To make your plants can survive when the winter season is coming. It is better to bring them indoors especially if the nights get cool until the weather is more appropriate.

2) Follow orders to the amount of water that every plant needs. The watering frequency is perhaps different each other, especially on a dry day.

3 ) Sunlight is also essential to the plants of tropical. That is why selecting right plants to your area is vital to do.

4) If you are not sure about the right type of plant to choose, asking professional landscape design is the best for you.

• Plan The Layout And Design Of The Garden.

tropical looking plants
Image by Lencom

In planning the layout and design of the garden, you should consider the space of the backyard. Select the material that suitable to make the tropical garden. Also create narrow pathways through tropical foliage is essential. Pay attention to these following tips:

• Used natural wood chips to make unique pathways

• You can use smooth pebbles.

Rearrange it to get a beautiful view while walking around the garden. Various sized stones will be more attractive and add natural feel

• Simple dirt pathways

Simple dirt pathways are common also to be implemented in the garden

• Plan The Right Plants For Tropical Garden

tropical outdoor plants
Image Vacation Homes

Choosing tropical looking plants is essential to get tropical atmosphere around your house. Huge plants or wide species can be considered to fill the garden.

The combination of both plants will create the real tropical view to your front door. Besides that, the colors of the plants are also essential to get the maximal result. The color mixed will give the unique view.

Two Of The Plants That Can You Choose To Fill Your Garden.

• Palm trees.

This kind of tree will make your garden feel life. You can choose palm with different variety to be planted. Much foliage will shadow your house and bring fresh air. It will be lovely to take a rest while enjoying the view.

• Bamboo.

This plant is very tropical feel and view. But don’t plant too many bamboos, sometimes it can be the place for a snake to grow. So just plant one or two, and it is better to put it not too close to the house area.

Besides the plants above, you can also choose some popular choices for a tropical garden like Arum, Begonia, Canna, Dahlia, Fern, Magnolia, Nasturtium, Salvia, and Sedum. To know all about these plants, just find it on the internet.

Tropical Garden Accessories

garden ponds
Water feature

To define tropical garden, some accessories should be implemented in the garden. Add some garden furniture can increase the view, make it more beautiful.

Try to consider several outdoor accessories suggestions below:

• Outdoor furniture.

You can add dining furniture to the garden. You will love to dine in the middle of the tropical garden.

• Garden lighting.

The lighting is good when the night comes. You can enjoy the garden in the night view. It will be a fantastic experience.

• Garden pond.

Add the mini pond to the garden can increase the beautiful view. The watercolor brings calmly feeling and tropical feel. This should become mood booster, isn’t it?

• Sculpture and other decors.

To make more interesting, you can surround the pond by adding sculpture and unique stones.

Maintain the Tropical Landscape

After knowing some tips to design the tropical garden in the yard, you should see the way to maintain it. The most important thing in gardening like this is maintaining.

The view will become not interesting anymore if you don’t put pay attention ahead. For a tropical garden, you don’t need to give high maintenance. You only need to check what the plants are required whether water or organic composed.

You also have to remove dried leaves and insects that can danger your plants growing. Cleaning the garden is the need also to keep its beauty. Do all of these regularly to maintain the plants healthy.

Some of the tips and images above hopefully can inspire you to start your own tropical landscape. Now, take times for you to consider the landscape design that fit your house situation. Remember that, if you still confuse just ask advice from the expert to give the best result then. The great view comes from great concept and planning. Take the chance from now!


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