Where to get pallets? Not long ago the development of decoration world began to hits with the appearance of wooden pallets in every home, café, office, rooms, and some art buildings. Wall Pallet is the transfer function of the wood pallet which is often used for packing goods.

If you can be creative, you can use the wooden pallet as a multipurpose wall art. Currently, some people who have the power of art, trying to convert the wood palette into a palette of walls. It has a variety of functions, one of which is to beautify the room: bedroom, living room, and other spaces.

wood pallet art
Image by Cantoni

You can find wooden pallets for wall palle

wood wall covering
Image by Alan Mascord

ts from a variety of places, such as packaging warehouses, harbors, and possibly around your house available wood pallets that are useless.

Moreover, the development of the times asks us to take advantage of unused goods, then changing the wooden palette to be used as a wall palette is the right effort.

Get Used Wood Pallets “Ouch, I’m confused to look for used wood pallets in which,” perhaps the words that come out of your mouth about the ignorance of wood pallets as I wrote them.

If you live in a village area, getting all kinds of wood-with good quality to bad-is somewhat easier than in the city. In some places (out of town) I have visited, there are often tugs or slaughterhouses where unused timber can be requested.

In contrast to the village, in the city is difficult because the place or cutting wood is rare or available but you cannot ask for it (often like that), aka have to buy. It’s okay to buy that can’t.

Before you go to your destination, you must first know the physical characteristics of this wood. It has a very aesthetic vein with the tone of a slightly thick groove fiber. Usually white and some reddish, and there are import stamps from the sending country.

pallet recycling
pallet recycling

Here, I would recommend a place that provides used wood pallets. You can visit areas or sites that offer superior or imported wood pallets, such as pine wood that you can recycle back into creative products.

The Places

Well, take a look at some of the places I write here so you can get quality wood and ready to make pallet wall.

1. Warehousing Port Dock

where to get pallets
pallet recycling

The first objective I recommend for you to acquire wooden container pallets is here. If you have a family or connections (friends, boyfriends/girlfriends. lol), who work on the pier or the dock complex.

Why do I say it is easy? Because if the stock of import palettes is not always there and when available, the stock is insufficient in number. With the information you get from the connection, you can first get the wood of dreams than any other wood pallet hunter.

2. Factory Around Port.

Often the harbor has a large stock of wood, and the quality of the wood is usually much better than the ones you find on the harbor dock. Not only the class, but the size of wood pallets is also often seen larger, although generally. The factory is auctioning their wood pallets per six months with the contract of garbage disposal service.

This is in line with the manufacturers’ thinking that if wood pallets are waste that must be thrown away. You need to own or borrow a garbage truck only as capital to acquire and transport used wooden pallets (that they don’t use any longer) trashes per two weeks for six months. Oh yes, switching the profession for a moment into a garbage haul does not hurt because you will get a salary as well, lol.

3. Industrial Estate

reclaimed pallet wood
pallet recycling

In the city where you live there is an industrial estate, I ask you to come there-after the next destination after the harbor dock. I chose this place because the pallet wood stock is very abundant in this area. You can find out whether in the industrial sector available plentiful wood stocks by looking at the type of industry.

Often industries that use imported materials as primary or raw materials generally can be sure to have the stock of wood you are looking for.

4. Mining Company

If there are mining companies around the city where you live, such as nickel, gold, etc., I can confirm if there is an available stock of wood pallets you want there. Usually, the packing waste from purchasing specific machines leaves the wood that is no longer used or referred to as garbage.

5. Around the House

If you’re still having trouble getting the ideal wood from the four places I recommend above, you can find woods scattered around your house. Whether the remaining wood development and wood pieces: tables, chairs, boards, etc.

You can use old wood around your house to be made or created wall pallet. You’ll save money and on your solid-looking around the home! Thanks to a pile of wood will be relieved and make the viewer feel more presentable.

DIY Wall Pallet

Once you’ve got the ideal pallet of five recommended places, I will now describe how to decorate the bedroom wall or another wall of the house. In addition to painting and coating as a finishing step, the interior walls of the house you can beautify by pasting wooden pallet planks to meet the wall you choose.

Choosing a wall pallet as a wall decoration is perfect because it displays a more modern and classy sense of art. It combines two distinctive features of building materials: wood and walls.

Curious about how to make it? Do not complain first; I will share tips for you who faithfully read this article. Sit sweet and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee.

What you need are:

reclaimed pallet wood
pallet recycling
Wood palette with the amount you adjust to the needs or adjust to the size of your bedroom wall.
Plywood according to the size of the bedroom wall.
Superior quality wood paint, along with a brush of about three pieces just in case.
Screw the screws and do not forget the pins, too.
Wood preservative liquid
Be clear
Buckets for soaking wood

Steps to make a wooden pallet wall that you should know

• Please remove the woods from the pallets to separate each other. You should prepare a wooden pallet in a reasonably large number because not all wood has an excellent condition to use. Primarily, when disposal the nails stuck in the wood. Sometimes it can damage the wood shape.

• After removing or separating, now clean the wood from the remnants of the dirt using a dry cloth or can use sandpaper, then soak in a wood preservative solution. You need to be patient because this soaking takes up to days.

• In waiting for the results of immersion, do not forget to eat, drink, and sleep so that when the process of making the walls of your health palette is maintained. Hehehe.

• Divide wood into two groups, a small and large wooden group. I write this because the wooden pallet size is not always the same. When you use as a bedroom wall decoration will look beautiful arrangement. The arrangement later you have to adjust with two size groups. Small with small, big with big.

reclaimed pallet wood
pallet recycling

If you really understand the composition balanced, mixing large and small size you can do for more aesthetic wall palette. But this action is tough if you do not understand the composition balanced.

• Please sandpaper the wood pallet until it is completely smooth. If necessary, you can cut out the uneven parts. Uneven wood will make your bedroom wall look ugly.

• After taking a piece of wood and sandpaper, you switch to painting and welding. This I believe is very useful because it affects the appearance of the palette wall candidate for better, and not easily weathered, and avoid termite attack. Wait for one day until the wood is completely dry.

• Cut out plywood according to the size of your room wall.

• Then paste the plywood you have cut using the screw. Screw you plug in the upper end, middle top, middle bottom, and bottom using a screw drill. By giving a screw, plywood will not come off.

• Install wooden pallets using screws horizontally. The pallet you set can adjust to size. You can arrange it from the top first, then down. The wood you put up like a brick, which is alternating.

reclaimed pallet wood
pallet recycling

• Adjust the installation using the presence of a stop contact and a light switch. Do not let the pallet wall cover the light switch and stop contact because you will have trouble turning on the lights, later. Ha ha ha. Well, if the wall of the palette blocking the switch or any stop contact, cut in the covering.

Tips on DIY Pallet Wall Making:

• Before installing the wall of the pallet, you must make sure that the wall you are going to give the pallet wall is completely flat or not so that the installation of plywood and wood pallets look better and flat.

• In order for your wooden palette to look more unique, give the car a different color in each section, then stack it randomly. The result that you do is the wall will look more rustic.

• Wooden pallets you can plug into the entire wall, not only on the part of the wall painted surface.

Implementation of Bedroom Pallet Wall Ideas

If you are still confused about your inspiration and your mind is always the dead end, do not cry because I will give you some examples of pallet wall that might inspire you. Take it easy.

  1. The Connect
Pallet wall
Image by Facaro

If white paint dominates your room color, choose a grey pallet recycling wall gives the impression of luxury in your rooms, let alone room light has a dim light.

2. South Coogee

pallet recycling
Image by Capital Building

Blending reclaimed pallet wood with some frames mounted on the other side of the wall will beautify and apply a balanced composition in your room.

3. Olema Road

wood wall covering
Image by Foley Development

Giving a pallet wall with brown color and painted paintings as if the art gallery is beautiful in your room. Aesthetic comfort, I think.

4. Elegant contemporary bedroom

barnwood paneling
Image by Shoot2sell

The brown color on the wall of the palette is a choice that is often used because of the elegant impression can be created by it. Plus, your room floor is made of wood planks, other shades will you get weighing only walled room.

5. Calgary Ranch

wood pallet art
Image by Bruce Johnson Design

The wood color composition you choose can affect the beauty of your wood wall covering style.

6. Boise House

Pallet wall
Image by HSU McCullogh

Choosing wood pallet art to be the right choice, especially the color brown wall palette and painting have a contrasting color, blue, red, and yellow.

7. Beaver Creek

Pallet wall
Image by Beaver Creek

If your room is entirely made of wood, the wall decoration of the reclaimed pallet wood has a traditional, elegant impression as if you were taken to a Twilight film shoot.

8. Alamo Farmhouse

reclaimed pallet wood
Image by LMK Interiors

If in your room want to be equipped with the chair, I suggest to choose a chair made of knitted rattan or can seat with a white bandage for a more elegant look to be matched with reclaimed pallet wood in your room.

So ? Have you get the ideas above? By using the pallet wall as a bedroom decor, you play a big role in the use of used goods.

In addition, the use of wood used as an interior material you can make an additional option by yourself. Yes, of course, you should keep the low budget on doing DIY PALLET WALL!


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