The Definition of Low VOC Paint and Tips to Choosing The Best One

Low VOC Paint
Low VOC Paint by Aura

What does low VOC mean? The term of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) is an organic compound material which is very easy to evaporate to a gas. The organic material comes from varies of chemical substances. This substance is even dangerous to the human health in the short or long-term health.

VOC can be found in some manufactured products. For instance; paint, pesticide, cleaning supplies, and most of the materials in construction. You are very easy to get contact with this only in your house every day because of paint used. Most of the painting manufacture produces a color which contains much of VOC. That is why you need to be careful. You should choose low VOC paint to be applied to your house. This kind of paint is now available and can be purchased.

What Does Zero VOC Paint?

VOC is very easy to evaporate and react with the oxygen. It can cause lousy ozone in the atmosphere and become pollution. To reduce the emission to the air, you should use low VOC or the better is zero VOC paint. What does zero VOC a paint mean? The product is free of VOC substance. It is healthier and eco-friendly. It can improve the air quality at your house and of course your health also.

For your information, the standard for the paint to be labeled low VOC is to have fewer than 250 g/l. while zero-VOC paint deal with less than 5 g/l requirement. This can be understood that not every painting with zero VOC label means totally free of Voc.

The Advantageous of Low or Zero-VOC Paint

Low VOC Paint Image
Low VOC Paint by Aura

There are many paint brands with zero-VOC can be found easily. Benjamin Moore Natura/Aura which has innovation with Natura Waterborne paint, zero-VOC qualifying product. YOLO Colorhouse with more than 40 new colors has been added to their original 49-shade paint lineup, all of them made without VOC. Harmony acrylic latex paint from Sherwin Williams—the most famous names in the paint, with an anti-microbial ingredient that can help minimize the growth of mold and mildew. The last is Ultra Zero VOC by Dulux. It is easy to apply and have a great deal of the environment. This is easier to find in the retailer.

The advantages using paint with low or zero VOC:

1. Eco-friendly.

It means that the paint is safe for the earth because the toxin emission is very lower or even not at all. The air pollution will be decreased.

2. Keep you healthy.

Voc can cause some health problems such as; headaches; watery eyes; asthma; respiratory diseases and cancer. By choosing the low or Zero VOC paint, you will keep your healthy. Chemical substances do not pollute the interior air of your house.

3. Better quality.

Paint with label “low VOC or zero VOC” usually sold more expensive than a common one. It can be meant that the paint is good for quality. Besides beautify your house interior, you will stay healthy too.

Moreover, finding low or zero VOC paint is not as easy as possible to find a conventional paint. Because of that, you have to be careful and give more attention before purchasing. You should know what the contents of the low VOC paint are.

VOC in paint includes ethylene glycol, formaldehyde, benzene, and a variety of another chemical toxic. Look! Those will be danger yourself and your family. If you use the paint with high-VOC content. Although in zero VOC, the product is still contained chemical substances in very lower numbers.

After reading this article, hopefully, you can determine the kind of paint you will choose to apply at your sweet home.

What The Low VOC Paint Contain Of?

As you know the low VOC paint is now being the most recommended painting ideas for your home. This doesn’t come with no reason indeed. Why low VOC painting is being suggested, it is because it contains less dangerous material inside the paint.

What is contained in low VOC paint?

Unlike the ordinary paint that contains up to 1000 chemical that can damage the health, low VOC paint contains 250 g/L of latex and flat paints and also oil based for only 380 g/L of all the paint material. It is a lower number than your usual paint offers, don’t you?!

There are much offers from the kind of low VOC paints, any of the offers lower latex and flat paint than I said above. They are usually only contained in 50-100 g/L of that material. It is a big deal, isn’t it?!
Yes, this kind of paint is really helping us to reduce the cancer risk that is caused by chemical materials of paints.

What the best brand of low VOC paints I suggested?

1. Green Planet Paints

Low VOC Paint
Low VOC Paint by Green Planet

They have a significant number of customers satisfaction; the paint is soy-based contains which is really have a large number of mineral and clay formulation. This is called organic low or no VOC paints.

2. Sherwin Williams

Low voc paint
Image by Sherwin Williams

One of housekeeping choices that keep up the excellent work, they have the low VOC and zero VOC content in paint range of painting, and also completed by the bacteria resistant.

3. YOLO Colorhouse

Low VOC Paint
Low VOC Paint by YOLO

A great answer for what does low VOC mean in the paint? The YOLO Colorhouse is the best brand to be chosen. A great water-based painting with low and zero VOC paint. They have 40 hues of pallets that is specialized for interior designs and natural painting method.

Before you choosing and buying your low VOC paints, you should read this!

It is normal to have agreed and disagreed with the idea of low VOC or even zero VOC paint.

Here are some pros and cons of low VOC painting:


  • Having less of gassing than the ordinary paint
  • Less chemical material that could damage the health
  • Affordable availability of healthy painting method
  • Much brands which are developing the low VOC painting has really care about the content contained


  • Limited ways of knowing how the VOC (violated organic compound) which is accurate
  • Based on my experiences, it still lays smell after painting is done.

Almost similar to the low VOC painting, the zero VOC paint is also getting the pros and cons.


  • A small amount of no off-gassing VOC paint than low VOC painting
  • It is not smelly enough then the low VOC paint, especially when it’s dried.


  • More expensive than low VOC painting, it cots mostly doubled the cost of low VOC painting.
  • Some brands still have the VOC paints, but they don’t explain it in their material contains.

The Best Way to Know That Your Brand Is Good or Good Enough of Your Need

Now you can figure out what does zero VOC paint mean, don’t you?! I have a little advice on choosing low VOC or zero VOC painting brands.

First of all, you need to know their price. Avoid selecting the lower cost of the paints. Read their contents of material carefully. And keep up the good things to make your painting dried enough! That’s it! Hope you find and enjoy your best low VOC and zero VOC paints.


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