Mobile Home Bathroom Vanity Remodeling Ideas

how to remodel mobile bathroom with vanity

Mobile Home Bathroom Vanity Remodeling Ideas – Creating a new look of mobile home bathroom vanity have two options whether it is done by yourself or hiring professionals. Well, if you are a handyman, you better do it yourself to press the budget of course.

However, you can hire a professional to do this job well. When you come in the time of boring in the bathroom, it is perfect to remodel your mobile bathroom according to several ideas. If you want to find, here we provide you inspiring ideas on how to remodel mobile home bathroom vanity by yourself.

How To Remodel Mobile Bathroom with Vanity

Vanity is a quite important storage in the bathroom which is functioned as a place to keep any kinds of stuff. It will be worse and boring when you don’t update it in order to get a new look. Well now, let’s start to remodel your mobile home bathroom.

The first thing you should do is locating the structural studs using electronic and finder. Then, mark their position using pencil, chalk, or another easy way to remove the marking instrument.

mobile bathroom with vanity

The next step is installing any necessary fixtures into studs such as toilet-paper holders, towel racks, and other fixtures you need around the studs. In this case, mobile home walls are thinner than standard wall because mobile home doesn’t accommodate plastic screw anchors.

Keep functionality in mind to make sure each of the fixtures items is easily reachable whenever you placing them. Functionality is important when doing mobile home bathroom remodeling and you should remember it.

You may also consider a shallow medicine cabinet as your extra storage which is fit nicely into mobile homes wall cavity. It will help you to maximize the space in your bathroom.

In remodeling mobile home bathroom, this time you are allowed to paint the bathroom walls according to your decorating tastes firstly on the prime first such as paneled walls. They have a glossier finish and should be primed and then a fresh coat can be implemented.

mobile bathroom with vanity

It is better to consider your new sink which is fit to your budget. To create more storage, a sink with a shallow bowl is perfect to make wider underneath the unit. It can maximize your overall bathroom space and also remove clutter. It normally would rest on the top of the sink because of underneath it.

The next step to remodeling mobile home bathroom vanity is installing sconces. In other ways, you can install built-in lighting. Changing new fixtures for lighting is enough into modern style in order to light the whole of your bathroom especially when you come on the vanity.

how to remodel mobile bathroom with vanity

In addition, you should avoid freestanding light in order to free up space in the bathroom. You can install wall-built in light fixtures which are applied above the vanity mirror. There are many designs you must check along with the detailed specification and price.

In this case, ceiling lights do not support the mobile home bathroom but sconces are wall-mounted alternatives to look sleek and save the space in your bathroom. Now, you have the ideas to remodel your mobile home bathroom vanity, right? Don’t forget to prepare the materials and tools at first. and read the instruction carefully while you can consult it to the expert. Good luck!


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