Planters at Home with DIY flower pots!

hanging flower pots
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DIY flower pots are perfect if you live in a minimal urban area will be green space and open space, pot plant creations with various options can make you feel comfortable. Choosing flowers that have a purple or pink color on their petals and planting them in pots of creations are able to stimulate the release of adrenal hormones when they see it.

Thus, your energy will increase and the flow of oxygen to the brain will increase, helping you to relax. You will find other benefits from DIY flower pots, which are inspired to be creative.

diy planter
Image by HGTV

For those of you whose lives wrestle with art, please put potted plants beside the work table or around the residence. In accordance with Justin Hancock, a garden expert from Costa Farms Croton, the leaves along with colorful pots can provide inspiration and energy to him, including the residents. So also with the use of used goods.

When around your house there are goods that are not used from the scattered and filled the room, you can use as a media planting, such as pots. Lately, pots creations from used goods began to be used for large flower pots made of used shoes, unused kitchen utensils, mineral water plastic, and so forth.

So is eliminating allergies. Can you? If you suffer from flu in the rainy season like today or the dry air, choosing plants spider plants can help you alleviate the flu. The leaves of this plant appear thin and have a pointed tip, and can absorb allergens, such as dust. Within two days, spider plants can reduce nearly 90 percent of toxins contained in the room.

DIY Planter Materials

The material used for the DIY planter is very easy to find in the residential area. Most importantly, the plant you will plant has already been determined because of the planting medium: the soil and pot will adjust the plants you choose, exactly the size and large.

You can use compost from organic waste that has been processed using promise activator. In addition to providing compost, you need to give plants with plant hormones to grow fertile and healthy. There are various kinds of plant hormones, such as gibberellins, auxins, and cytokines.

The function of plant hormones is to stimulate plant roots, enlarge the leaves, and fruit or flowers will be more and denser. Next is to look for pots you can make from used items around the house and do not forget your hole (if used items are selected at the bottom there is no hole) so that water does not settle in the pot. Do not forget to look for small stones that you put in the bottom of the pot.

How to Make DIY Planter

If you already know the benefits and materials needed from DIY planters, let me invite to how to make modern planters that utilize new planting media. If you have unused chandeliers, make it very easy, which is to replace the hood for the lamp with the bowl to hold more soil. Afterward, please paste using glue guns so as not to easily loose and fall about someone. Pity.

About the color, please adjust your favorite color and paint the chandeliers into one color only. If the weather is hot, do not forget to dry for about 30 minutes, and then put the soil into bowls and plant with flower seeds, such as white betel flowers, roses, ivy, and betel ivory.

Furthermore, hanging in the open garden or on the balcony to give freshness and can be used as interior decoration of the room. Through how to plant as I write above, then you can save space.

Maintaining DIY Planter

  • In order for decorative plants and pots, creations remain maintained and maintained for a long time, some of these things you need to do.
  • Flush the plants regularly. Treatment like this is very important you do, especially watering plants regularly. When watering the plants, you do not need to water them too much, little or enough regularly.
  • Adding filters. As I mentioned in the third paragraph, add a coffee filter or small stones at the bottom of the pot. This will be possible if the excess water, the pot still drains through the drainage hole, but the ground remains in place without water eroded.
  • Put the pot in the shade. If the pot you use comes from a used table or wood-based will be risky if exposed to rainwater that causes the wood will rot.
  • Coffee powder. Mixing ground with ground coffee will help your plants grow and be rich in nutrients.
  • Laying a sponge. At the bottom of the pot, please put a sponge that can collect water. This can be applied when you forget to water the plants.
  • Pine tree seeds. When near your house there are pine seeds scattered, please serve as a layer or pot bottom. Giving pine tree seeds can help drain water and help you use less planting (soil). Thus, the pot becomes lighter and easier you move.
  • Lemon peel. Giving the outside of lemon rind you can use as a grower of seeds. When the seed sprouts, you can move it into a pot and can also move along with lemon peel into the pot.

Examples of DIY Planter at Home

11. Give artistic touch by painting.

tyre planter
Image by Lemon Bean

Besides used as a swing, used tires you can create as a beautiful pot planter. You can use used tires of any type of vehicle, according to the plants you choose (size).

3. Wow, a great way if you have unused chandeliers and use them as hanging pots.

DIY Planter
Image by Nevastarr

Planting using this hanging flower pots can reduce or save space.

13. Shell?!

repurpose planter
Image Shell for planter

You can use the shell as a pot for your little plant.

6. Creating a used bag as cheap planters. It will add a unique impression on your home path.

hanging flower pots
Image By HGTV

Do not let your unused bags throw away, now it’s time to reuse it in a different way. To be beautiful, place or hang a bag on the fence.

8. In addition to the used items you used to wear, you can also change the look of a vase made of clay for DIY planters.

ceramic plant pots
Image By IKEA Blog

You can add a touch of art, like dipping a vase into the paint and let the paint drip to produce an effect.

9. Books from college or school are out of date, or parts of the book have been damaged, such as a torn cover, some missing book pages, and termites being eaten.

recycle modern planters
Image By HGTV

Don’t throw away! You can change into a beautiful pot.

5.Don’t have sneakers?! You can use a variety of booth shoes that are not used and you can make as DIY planters dream. Oh yes, for the impression of the slum on lost shoes, its good you re-paint.

Repurpose planter
Imag By The Micro Gardener

10. You can choose the potting material from the switch plate that can be created as a good way to decorate by giving colorful paint to be beautiful.

modern planters
Image By Ready Made
  1. At this point, I have some recommendations about modern outdoor planters that you can make from used goods.
hanging flower pots
Image By Rosinahubery Posy

Looking for used shoes, then get these so-cute shoes! Well, you will create some modern planters that give beauty to your yard. Choose a shoe or paint with colorful polka dot one or according to your taste.

4. Do not let your mind on muffins, cans, ice cream containers, and ice cream prints are only used as kitchen utensils.

metal planters
Image By Contry Living

When it is unused, you can make it as beautiful metal planters. Come on, make one!

12. Remnants of empty paint cans you can throw away. However, you can still use it, as a pot.

reuse planter
Image By HGTV

Provide colorful paint that you put in the container: bucket, then dip the top of the can and let the paint drip for more artistic.

14. Your childhood toys, action figures: dinosaurs, etc. you can use as cute pots and also interesting.

toys planter
Image By Something Monumental

This pot you can put on your desk.

2. If you have a colander or a place of rice used and can be converted as a pot, why not try it.

Repurpose planter
Image By Bonnie Plants

You can color and even paint it in accordance with the taste of art that you have. What are you waiting for!

15. An old closet that you are ready to dispose of, I suggest undoing the intention.

Unique planter
Image By Somewhat Quirky

You can use old cupboards as a wooden planter box and you can plant crops in drawers and let them grow.

7. The remains of a brick that you use for whatever, better think again. The stone can still be used as a pot, lol!

Box planter
Image By @KatesMyhre

This modern outdoor planter is easy, just arrange the brick and paint or paint it to look more beautiful.

By planting through plastic planters, you indirectly reduce plastic waste that supposedly takes 40 years to break down completely. So, decorate the room and the home page does not require a high cost. You just pay attention to materials or goods that are not feasible around your house and can be used as a pot of plants. So, there is no harm in greening your own home, right? Come on make one of the DIY flower pots, plant it!


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