Recycled Kitchen Cabinets For A Fun And Cool Kitchen Remodel

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natural light kitchen photo by Charlotte

About Recycled Kitchen Cabinets And The Benefits

Recycled kitchen cabinets are about remodeling your old kitchen cabinets with something new by recycling or reusing old features and fixtures as possible. Having kitchen cabinets are about going with a high-ticket kitchen item. Therefore, it is possible for you to make money from them. Recycling your kitchen cabinets can be difficult or easy. It depends on the material they created.

Recycled kitchen cabinets are from wood. As we know that the type of wood is quite many. Untreated lumber does not have any stain, paint or varnish. You can recycle untreated lumber into several products because the wood is possible to chip and then use them for mulch or compost. After that, the wood can be turned into chipboard or particleboard lumber. However, you cannot recycle any kitchen cabinets that have been treated. All reclaimed wood goes to several products like mulch or compost. Therefore, it is better not to use any dangerous chemicals during the way the wood used for cabinets.

You cannot recycle any kitchen cabinets from chipboard, particleboard, and other composite materials as manufacturers use glue to make the sheets of the lumber. In fact, the adhesive has formaldehyde along with several toxic chemicals.
If you want to dispose of your kitchen cabinets, the first thing to do is to know about the type of the wood. By this way, you can determine whether your kitchen cabinets are possible to recycle, reuse or throw them away.

Repainted Cabinet

Apparently, there are many benefits of having recycled kitchen cabinets. If you can convert any materials as cabinets, it means that you can save money to complete your kitchen renovation project. If you want to recycle old cabinet or use recycled materials for new cabinets, these are the most cost-effective solution. The bonus is for the environment.

It is helpful if you can use recycled kitchen cabinets from old banks of cabinets. You can use from your own home or even from a retailer. The thing you can do is straightforward since you only need to sand them and re-stain the wood. Besides, you can take the doors as well as other pieces off. Then, rebuilt the cabinets in a new formation for a new design is your goal. Even you can place a new hardware on the existing doors.

Types Of Recycled Kitchen Cabinets

Recycled kitchen cabinets can be a better way to go than having new cabinets from particle board that contains formaldehyde, a toxin which leads to your eye, nose as well as respiratory irritation. This substance also provides a risk of cancer. A recycled cabinet is also the best solution if you cannot deal with the cost of solid wood cabinets. Recycled is the green option to offer a cost-effective solution.
If you need more inspirations, we provide you several cool and fun eco-friendly kitchen cabinets to go with:

1. Vintage Cabinet

Recycled Kitchen cabinet
Vintage Kitchen Cabinet by Artefact Design

There isn’t rule that you should use the same materials to your kitchen design if you want to create a beautiful and timeless look. This picture tells you that you can use galvanized metal to complete the needs of countertops and shelves in the kitchen. Also, you can use old fencing to make the cabinetry. If you have no stools yet, go to a flea market to find old truck springs. This is a real kitchen presented by Ken Fulk to complete the vintage kitchen design. The final touch is the industrial pendant lights with vintage style. Get more ideas for your vintage kitchen design at House Beautiful.

2. Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Recycled kitchen cabinet
Recycled furniture

Look how beautiful the recycle old kitchen cabinets are. These are from reclaimed furniture pieces such as buffets, display cases, and chest of drawers in black. You can see more about this type of recycled project at Kitchen Building. So, it is better for you to go around your home such as your warehouse to find several valuable pieces to create a new look.

3. Scorched Cabinets

Reclaimed cabinet
Recycled Kitchen cabinet by Gloria

Gloria Frame, a smart designer presented salvaged wood cabinets with dark color painting. The designer scorched the doors by using an acetylene torch while the paint was wet. For more information about what the designer did, visit at Apartment Therapy. For the materials, you can ask your friends or neighbors. This is the best option to get the materials in a less expensive way.

4. 20th Century Cabinet

Reused Kitchen cabinet
Recycled Kitchen cabinet by Melanie

Do you love something antique? If you want to bring an antique touch to your modern kitchen, it is good to have an antique wall-mounted kitchen cabinet to offer a soft look to your kitchen. Now, your kitchen is more stunning and more welcoming. Therefore, never throw away any old pieces around your house. Once you have the idea, everything becomes great.

5. Painted Cabinets

Repainted kitchen cabinet
Painted cabinet by ellas kitchen

It is more than just hard work that you need to transforms your cabinets. However, you also need some paint to make them look new. It is a simple change but brings a significant effect. Well, it is not a problem if you have large salvaged cabinets around your modern kitchen. It brings a highlight to the space to create a rustic vibe. Besides, the distressed accent offers a meaningful message that you should not throw the old pieces just because you have the new ones. Even salvaged wood cabinets can work with modern pieces in your space.

6. Reclaimed Wood Cabinet

Recycled Kitchen cabinet
Recycled Cabinet by Werner

This kitchen comes with one of the best ideas for recycled kitchen cabinets. The owner considers using reclaimed wood for the ceiling and the kitchen cabinet. The best part is the different color that offers a rustic style. If you need more ideas, visit at Werner Straube.

7. Replace Cabinets

Replacing Kitchen cabinet
Recycled by replacing by design build

Another way to have recycled cabinets is by replacing the countertop and the door cabinet. The designer did many things in this picture. For example, the salvaged cabinets, adding the butcher block countertop, and the new door hardware to give more accents to the kitchen design. Those are more than enough to provide a beautiful look to the kitchen design.


How To Make Recycled Kitchen Cabinets

If you want to recycle your cabinets, you should go with removal. This step is crucial, and you need some care. Therefore, it is better for you to hire a professional to do the demolition, make the cabinets are possible to re-use. However, if you think that you can do the demolition, make sure that you check the way the cabinets are installed. You should remove and preserve them in good condition to make them reusable. It also means that you should have extra time.

There are several things to do to start recycling your kitchen cabinets as below:

1.Donate The Cabinets

Habitat for Humanity or Goodwill accepts the used cabinetry for their charity. What they do is to take your old kitchen cabinets. No matter the condition of the cabinet, with or without the countertops, they will send their volunteers to come to your house. The volunteers work together to dismantle the kitchen professionally. They also issue you a tax receipt. This is a good option if you want to have an eco-friendly and helpful solution for your local community.

2.Sell The Cabinets

It is possible to have recycled kitchen cabinets for sale or sell your old cabinets if you think that they do not work for your kitchen. Salvaged kitchens have a massive market at this time. If your prior is to make kitchen renovation, you should sell the cabinets.
You can go on Craigslist, one of the online markets with a whole section of recycled building materials.

3.Repurpose Your Cabinets

Perhaps, you are living with a big kitchen with many cabinets, and you see a useful spot for the cabinets elsewhere in your house. You can use it as basement storage, create a built-in office area or create a TV cabinetry. Another way you can do to repurpose the large cabinets are by creating bathroom vanity storage, built-in bedroom storage or create a laundry room. In another word, you can do many things when you are going to recycle kitchen cabinets.

There are many things to do when it comes to recycling cabinets kitchen. For instance, if your kitchen cabinets are unusable, you can go to retailers to find recycled cabinets as well as other supplies. It is also possible to exchange the materials to any business or non-profit industry to trade or buy the full range of building materials. If you hunt for reclaimed furniture pieces, you can take a walk at flea markets or antique stores to make a bank of kitchen cabinets, buffets, chest of drawers, bookshelves, and others to make your kitchen unique and impressive.

Other ideas about recycled kitchen cabinets are old barns, beams, fences, as well as posts. In many years, salvaged wood is prevalent to offer a match look to your kitchen design. What you need to do is to find as many ideas as possible before purchasing the materials. After that, it is good to visit salvage stores to find any reclaimed wood and architectural designs to complete your recycling kitchen cabinets.


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