SunPower vs. SolarCity vs. First Solar and More [EASY TIPS TO CONSIDER]

solar panel photovoltaic
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SunPower vs SolarCity are the products of solar panel that can we use at home. In our daily life, PV is being applied in many kinds of electronics such as a calculator. Furthermore, the panel can be bought freely. Some of the fame products of this tool are spread around the world.

What Is Solar Panel?

solar panel diagram
Illustrated by Green Mountain Energy

Did you know what solar panel is? It refers to the technology component of solar electricity generator. The technology is used to absorb sunlight and convert it to become useful electrical power. It consists of some silicones which have the ability to catch the energy particles from the sun then it results in proton as the element to form electricity power. The solar panel is also known as photovoltaic (PV). It is the utilizing system of solar energy to become electricity power that can be used to fulfilled varieties necessary.

The Pros and Cons of Solar Energy for Homes

A solar panel has now become so popular among people. It is because the product has many advantageous. Some countries have applied this product, another country precisely not apply because of technology lack.

Comparing the pros and cons of solar energy for homes.

Solar Energy usage for homes not only has some various pros but also the contradictive side. Here the list of pros and cons to the solar energy usage for homes.

The pros:

  1. Renewable
    As long as the sunlight to the earth, the solar energy will be renewable from it sources. This is the very good way then we use another source that cannot renewable.
  2. Abundant
    Abundant means the energy potential is very much, it is from sunlight. The source will be able to light for the entire world.
  3. Sustainable
    The solar energy is very sustainable, why? If you use the sunlight energy today, you will not decrease the energy for tomorrow. It can be kept until the next generations.
  4. Environmentally Friendly
    Do you think that the solar energy will pollute and not eco-friendly? Of course, it is not. In fact, this technology almost cannot be compared with another conventional energy source.
  5. Good Availability
    We all know that the availability of solar energy is very good because it is available everywhere. Sunlight is coming not only to the particular country but the entire world.
  6. Reduces Electricity Costs
    By utilizing the solar energy to light your home, means you reduce the bill of electricity.
  7. Many Applications
    Solar power is also known as “The People’s Power”, it means that the solar panel is very easy to apply at home. It can be integrated into the building.
  8. Shared Solar
    Shared solar even can give the easier way to the homeowners in using solar electricity without putting the panel on their rooftop. The solar panel can be shared.
  9. Silent
    In the solar panel usage, there is no noise because those parts are not moving in applications.
  10. Financial Support from Government/state
    By using solar energy, it means that you will get fewer prices because of the government support.
  11. Low Maintenance
    The solar power system does not really need maintenances. According to the data, it only needs a couple times of cleaning in a year.
  12. Technology is Improving
    The technology of the panel system is always improved. There are always innovations in its industry to make it better.

The cons:

  1. Expensive
    This is a most debatable list of cons. There is a politic side in solar panel on the market. The government gives intensives the solar panels to compete with another electricity sources. It gives influence to its price, now we can get it cheaper.
  2. Intermittent
    Why is the panel solar intermittent? It is because of the source which is from sunlight only access in morning. This cannot be predicted too, whether will be sunlight or not in a day.
  3. Energy Storage is Expensive
    It is because of the store like the battery is expensive.
  4. Associated with Pollution
    Although this is very eco-friendly in other hands their emission that associated with the solar panel. Some manufacturing process has greenhouse emission gas. The transportation and installation of this product can affect pollution. In fact, this is the best than the other power sources.
  5. Exotic Materials
    The fact, some materials which used in panel solar is expensive.
  6. Required Space
    Space is important to determine the power density.

Solar Panel Benefits Facts

solar panel works
Solar Panel Diagram

Some of the pros and cons above clearly give more advantageous than the disadvantageous of using panel solar at home. Look at here to see deeply about the benefit that you can get. If you feel that the cost of your electricity until this time is high, just stop it by changing the power sources. The data shows that homeowners have average saving $1,000 per year from their electricity cost because they install a solar panel. It is very good news for you, isn’t it? You can cut the outcome and save it for the other need.

What the Disadvantages of Solar Panel Usage?

In the other hand, using panel solar has disadvantageous too. Even though it still become the best if compared with the other power sources, such as an inconsistent fuel source. As we know that the sun is not bright all day and night. We cannot predict the weather of the day. Sometimes it is rainy or cloudy. In the big city, there is a problem with many higher buildings. Those building will shadow your house and it means the panel cannot catch the sunlight maximally. That is the important point that you should consider before going solar.

Some Solar Panel Products for Your Consideration

1. SolarCity vs. Sunrun

SolarCity is one of the products of the solar panel system. SolarCity holds estimated 30% of the U.S. It is very powerful by offering a solar roof and a lower wall, a clean energy backup power supply for utility outages.

As the addition, the company also gives a financial option that you can choose in order to purchase, including purchasing, loan financing, leasing or PPA. While Sunrun is the large company in the residential industry.

It is pioneered the business model of leasing panels. They offer financial option too such as, purchasing, loans and leases or PPAs, and also their Brightbox smart, clean energy battery backup solution.

SolarCity vs. Sunrun, based on the list of pros and cons (will be explained later) you will get ideas about the best product for your home. The pros of SolarCity is more than Sunrun. And the cons of SolarCity is fewer than Sunrun.

2. SunPower vs. SolarCity

SunPower becomes one of the oldest manufacturers and providers of solar panel in the US, with their X Series solar panel. Their roof panels are more aesthetically than the others.
According to the list of pros and cons (explained later), I consider that SunPower vs. SolarCity is still better to choose SolarCity.

Talking about the quantity, perhaps SunPower has more than its competitor but the quality and service are on SolarCity. Although, I like the charity program of SunPower.

3. SolarCity vs. SunPower

If SolarCity to compared with SunPower. I think the most powerful is still SolarCity. This product has much advantageous than another one. In fact, that SunPower has more disadvantageous than SolarCity.

4.Sungevity vs. Verengo

Sungevity is now called Solar Spectrum. It is a new solar company which formerly Sungevity. They offer several financing options and dedicated account representative. The company is really new, because of that it still cannot get a clear picture to their installation process, performances, and also their business practices.

Verengo Solar is the company of solar power since 2009, currently focuses on California. They offer purchase options such as loan financial and PPAs. Here some pros and cons of their product.

Sungevity vs. Verengo in this case, I think Verengo is still better because of the trusted and guarantee offered. But you can consider trying the new one. Perhaps their service is good instead of meeting with the aggressive sales.

Solar Panel Brand Reviews


SolarCity has BBB accredited A+. This product is exactly good with no doubt.

Solar city photovoltaic
Solar City

The Advantages of SolarCity:

  • Excellent financing options, including loans, leasing and PPAs. This offering can make you easier to grab the product to your home.
  • They hire their own installers. It means you don’t need to pay for the technician who will install the panel for your home.
  • Energy performance guarantee with contract. They give the guarantee to the powerful performance that will make you feel no worry.
  • Solar City monitors your system 24/7. They always are ready to fix if there is the problem on your solar panel.
  • Mobile app tracks system’s production and your home’s consumption. By this app, you will be easier to control your home consumption. Whether it is high or low.
  • Battery backup of your grid goes down. It is good for you because they provide battery backup that will power your electricity.
  • Award-winning customer service. Perhaps, they will give you full service if you get the award from the SolarCity. I don’t know exactly about this.
  • In-person evaluation of your roof. This is very good to maintain your panel on your rooftop.
  • A team of engineers design your system. No doubt in the system because it belongs the expert working.

The Disadvantages of SolarCity:

  • Some consumer complains about pushy salespeople and installation delay. It means not all the customers give complain about this.

2.Vivint Solar

Vivint Solar hire their own installers in each market they serve.

solar panel photovoltaic
Image By Vivint

The Advantages of Vivint Solar:

  • Variety of financing options, including loans, leasing and PPAs
  • They hire their own installers in each market they serve
  • 24/7/365 monitoring of your solar system
  • Uses rail-free Zep technology reducing installation time and cost
  • Used for microinverters increases efficiency by 15% or more compared to a centralized inverter, which most companies use
  • In-person free rooftop consultation
  • Overall excellent customer service review
  • Can sync with Vivint home security and automation system and monitor via mobile apps

The Disadvantages of Vivint Solar:

  • No energy production guarantee with contract
  • Some costumers complain about the problem with energy production once the system is installed
  • Company isn’t BBB accredited


Dividend Installed with certified and professionally licensed.

Image by Dividend

The Advantages of Dividend:

  • Empower loan is $0 down
  • All installers must have certified and professionally licensed. This will guarantee the way they install the panel on your rooftop
  • Performance guarantee with every contract
  • You can monitor your system’s performance in real-time
  • Fast majority or customer reviews we found were positive
  • BBB accredited

The Disadvantages of Dividend:

  • Doesn’t offer leasing or PPAs
  • No backup battery option
  • Lack of detailed information website about solar panel equipment and systems

4.ION solar

solar panel photovoltaic
Image by ION Solar

ION Solar Get A+ for BBB Accredited

The Advantages of ION solar:

  • Variety of financing choices, including loans, leasing, and PPAs
  • They hire their own installers
  • 24/7 monitoring of system (app for you to monitor as well)
  • Good user reviews for customer service
  • A+ BBB accredited
  • $200 refer a friend program

The Disadvantages of ION solar:

  • Company is new
  • Lack of transparency on the website including details about financing, production guarantees, and equipment (although they say they only use premium panels)
  • No battery backup panels

Which is better? Leasing or Cash Buying Solar Panel?

Finally, if you want to grab one of the solar panel product, it is good if you consider some of pros and cons. And also, the thing to consider is the financial option. Some of the company offers guarantee through the leasing. That is why it is better to choose to lease than purchasing.

Pros and Cons of Leasing Solar Panels!

should I lease or buy solar panels? Reading the pros and cons of installing solar panel is the better way to compare.

The most important thing to consider before going solar is financial options from its company. Here will be shown the pros and cons leasing vs. buying the solar panel.
Pros and Cons Leasing Solar Panel:


  • Zero cost to the homeowner
  • No maintenance by the homeowner
  • Tax benefit to leasing provider
  • The homeowner has the option to purchase the solar system at the end of the contracted term


  • A solar lease is not a typical transaction a homeowner is used to, so you will need to spend much time understanding it
  • It is a long-term contract where the price of electricity is locked for 20 to 25 years
  • The homeowner has to ensure that the rooftop is good to use on panel installation
  • You will save more money if you own the solar system

Pros and Cons Buying Solar Panel:


  • The homeowner receives all of the electricity savings
  • The homeowner receives the incentives
  • Freedom to install any solar system the homeowner prefers
  • If you move, you can take the solar panels with you or leave it in the house.


  • The cash commitment involved. Homeowners may prefer to use the cash on other projects
  • If the homeowner does not want or cannot use their cash reserve, a loan to buy the solar system is an option
  • The homeowner must do the maintenance for the solar system
  • No MACRS intensive.
  • Perhaps, you need much time to think which way you will use to have a solar system on your rooftop. Think deeply before taking a decision. Whether it is good to lease or to buy.


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